Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TTMT Whats it like to live with your man?

YAY Hickstionary brought back Talk To Me Tuesday...... and I am EXCITED! I really enjoy learning more about friends through blogging and I am always interested to see what they come up with next.

This week is taking a look at what its like to live with your man?!?!

LIVING WITH FH (FH prefers his name stay off the internet as much as possible... ahhh living with an I T genius)

Its exciting! Fh is always on the go whether its computer work, haying, gardening, working on cars, hunting, he is a jack of all trades and he is good at all of them.

Its a learning process?!? June 1st FH and I will have been together a year so we are still learning how to live with each other. I like to sleep in .... FH not so much. FH is a clean freak.... me not so much. I like to cook new foods... FH would be happy with cereal and mac and cheese.

Its a love fest! FH is very lovey, he greats me each and every morning with good morning beautiful! There is no better way to start the day

Monday, May 23, 2011

yup couponing is easy and it pays off!

Saved over $30 dollars today at the store!!!!! YAY for me I save more and more each time I go.

So proud of myself!

Fh requested come cookies found a great recipe!

Notice the red things in the cookies? Those were FH's idea pull and peel twizzlers.

Turns out they dont work well in cookies but out of the oven they get really soft so that made them good.

Terriyaki pork and pinapple burgers

Made this tasty burgers pork burger swiss cheese pinapple.very good!

Garden Update

Pumpkin is guarding the garden for us how nice! Well everything but our cuccumbers have come up.... i am hoping the make an apperience soon.

ha ha Here is June here she is saying awww keep scratching!

Here are the radishes or a radish....

Asparagus is still coming up and fast! I am freezing it so it doesnt go to waste.

Here are our grape vines you can see the starts of some grapes yay!

And another random June picture.... because why not! This is moments before she got in trouble for chasing kitties. you can see the intense focus on the cats ha ha

More cooking- Trying Philidelpia cooking cream

I had a coupon for this

So I made this chicken enchalida type things ha ha

Turned out really good a little rich though ... thinking it needs something different next time.

FH liked them so... that says somthing I guess

Cookin cheese burger flatbread

I have been following the blog called Iowa Girl Eats she is assocated with the Des Moines register I believe. Anyway she posted this recipe on FB and I had to try it.

That is pizza dough from a can rolled out and fried . I was yummy and not too greazy either.

the filling is hamburger and onion soup mix and a few other ingrediants

Even FH like them and he puts the icky in PICKY! We ate them with fries.

Close up yum yum!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Couponin- FREEBIES

I have been learning to coupon and finally was able to get some free items when I went to the store I was very proud of my self.

This isnt a photo of mine but i have a binder similar that I put each weeks coupons in and label the date.

My honey also got me one of these that is very handy had everything labled.

AND.... these are the items i got FREEEE

Si monster

Did my daughterly dutys on sunday but taking care of my mom's dogs. I was so happy to see Si my dog who lives with my mom.

Here is little 2.5 pound Si so happy to run in the yard.

Here is Rozie and there on the left is Rowdy. Happy to see me as you can see.

Si is soo fast it distorted her fast a bit .

CUTE CUTE CUTE I missed her so much!

She loved being outside.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

June's Deer Obsession Cont.

Came home yesterday from a lunch date with my Future Hubby, and June had found another deer leg.... and let me tell you this one was nasty! IT STUNK SOO BAD ha ha but she loves it.

She paraded it around the yard and in front of us.

and of course she posed with it. Here is June's over the shoulder pose ha ha


There is a duck in the oven.... and not the kind you eat.

Yesterday I went to visit FH's parents to take some pics and FH's dad said he had a duck in his stove...... I didnt think much of this till I realized he was talking about his wood heater stove. He had called FH to come after work to rescue him/her.

This little guy flew into the chimney 2-3 days ago.

FH let me take a pic before he rescued it.

I think he was pretty weak when we let him out and relased him on the porch he was pretty lethargic and wasnt able to fly.

Right before his release.

FH was worried about the duck so he followed it till it found cover in the grass.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asparagus Harvest

my first big asparagus harvest came up over night theses I shared with FH's mom she likes them as much as I do. I cut all these yesterday and today about half that many were ready again to be cut they are growin like crazy.

Here are my asparagus partches.

June insists on being in every picture

June's New Toy

June joined FH and I at the back pond to do some fishing and she found a new toy. An entire leg of a deer.

OH MAN SHE WAS EXCITED!!!! picked it up and headed for the house she did need us or that fishing she has what she needed. It was HILARIOUS

Her new love....


FH and I have a fish honey hole, I have been asking to go the last few weeks and this morning he woke up and said we were going.

We caught around 20 in 45 min!!! we set our lure in the water and moved it a little and they were hooked it was crazy. lots of fun!

We also found a turtle.... I named him Sherman... HELLO SHERMAN

My new plant Shrek

I got a new plant ... ya know because we dont have enough with our entire garden growing in our house right now ha ha.

My mama got me this durring our outing at the greenhouse today. It was love at first sight... because it looks like shrek ears!!

Seee what i mean i <3 it