Sunday, February 27, 2011


I find it hard lately to find things to blog about. Hopefully I will be more entertaining soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Red Velet Whoopie Pies #2

I have seen these all over the food blogs I am obsessed with, so I decided to give them a shot. I have never made red velvet anything or whoopie pies.

The reciepe called for buttermilk however, I didnt have any so I substituted milk with lemon juice worked just fine.

Batter before rood coloring....

The receipe called for this whole thing of food coloring! It seemed like alot to me ...

AHHHHH soo red!

After the food coloring

These were so easy! The batter was thick so it stayed perfectly in the stencil line.

I didnt use a pastry bag just a gallon ziploc worked great cut the hole a little to big.

Came out of the oven still in the heart shape.

Grrr I forgot to take a picture of the finished product before I gave them away opps they were very good I am excited to try a chocolate whoopie pie next.

Eatin out

Tried Z'Mariks while in DM the other day, Pretty good I didnt know what to order but was happy with the rice bowl . Would deffinitly recommend it!

Trader Joes attempt #2

I read in a food blog about trader joes pretzel bread. It looked AMAZING so when I decided to give TJ another shot. My first visit was durring opening week.... not my smarted move. Very glad I gave it another try, lots of fun food to try and I found the pretzel bread.

This is not my picture I found one that someone else took and borrowed it. These rolls were great I put some provalone and turkey on them and heated them up in the over to melt the cheese and get the bread warm. YUM

I will deffinitly get these again ! I also got FH a treat while i was there, gummy peguins they were too sweet for me but he loved them!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

I made cake pops for the 1st time

I am addicted to food blogs and they are all writing about making cake pops.I guess they are some big foodie trend. I decided to make some for Valentines day.

So you make a cake I used a white box cake mix. let it cool then crumble it up. ( I should have crumbled more)

Add 3/4 a tub of frosting again I used white. I used too much I used the whole thing opps

So I forgot to get a styrafom block to put the sticks in while the chocolate got hard. So mark found me some of this thin stuff .....DID NOT WORK ha ha

So my next idea was to cut holes in these boxes and put the cake pops in, but I made them too big and they were top heavy so that didnt work either.

I put together my own double broiler I am inventive!

I did find this but it wasnt going to hold many of them so I didnt bother.

I found these sprinkles at the Dutch Country Store in Bloomfield (I love that place)

And these were too cute to pass up at Wally World

Here is the one first one I did and you can see I didnt tap off enough of the chocolate it ran down the stick. They turned out really pretty though.

And here they all are all finished.

I tried to take a pic of the middle but it didnt turn out well. But let me tell you these are sooooo tasty and easy to do.

Here are some of the supplies I got, I put them all in those cute V-day bags.


Our hens have started eating and pecking holes in the eggs, which is driving me crazy. Anyway I have been throwing the broken and cracked eggs into the field.

Well... We have also been teaching June to fetch, and she thought I was throwing something for her


She went and got the egg and carried it around she was soo proud. It had landed in the snow and didnt break and she didnt break it right away either she pranced around till it did break then she ate it.

I love my JUNE!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cake Pops

I am attempting to make Cake pops for valentines day tomorrow.

Stay tuned.......

Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 Blizzard

Both FH and I had to work at 7 Wednesday morning. This what we work up too, the picture isnt great but thats the driveway with drifts as high as the truck!

He had to rescue FH's brother who was snowed in. The we had to try to make it to work. THe roads werent plowed so we didnt make it far down the road.

So we went back to the house got JD (the tractor) warmed up and started to plow.

FH's brother came to help with his tractor and we were plowed out in no time.
June and I watched from the morton building. We were a big help.

Dont forget my coop!

Our gorgous drive way lined with trees. We are blessed.

June Hates the tractor

June had a blast durring the blizzard, however she barked and barked at the tractors.

Here we are waiting for FH to finish plowing.

Uh oh the tractor moved!

"I'm gunna get it!"

Awww so close!

She is waiting to make her next move. If the tractor comes back.