Monday, November 14, 2011

Late Blogaversery / LifeUpdate

Well my blogaversery came and went... I had alot going on and it just didnt seem important... I have been struggaling with adding to my blog. The things I want to write about I cant, they are too personal for a blog, so I havent had the motiation to write a bout the little stuff.

However, here is an update on whats been going on.... a least the fluffy stuff.

June is naughty as ever.. here is one angelic moment we caught the other day her and Boots sleeping together. When they saw FH and I watching the seperated and looked guilty....

FH has been finishing hay season with cornstalks... which means he has been home more durring the day with June.... They have become buddies.... If you look close at this picture June is at the corner of the house waiting for him to come up the drive she has learned the sound of his car and truck and watches him come up the road. This is also the spot she watches us leave for the day.

FH took June in her 2nd ractor ride.... she was less than thrilled. Nobody told her she was supposed to be a farm dog.... she thought her only purpose was to eat grasshoppers...

We sure do love this naughty dog....

I have been doing my best to stay busy... ALL of the time helps keep my mind off of other things... sooo I have learned the greatness of Grapples...YUM expensive but very good!

And pinterest has been a godsend! I have been crafting and cooking like crazy! I am working on my family birthday board..... I learned to crakle paint! Its not done yet .... turns out i need a drill.... so FH gets to help with that!
I made foaming hand soap from dishsoap saving us some money!

Monkey bread has become a weekend staple in our house FH LOVES IT!!!

as you can see this was what was left...

I also made my halloween costume... even though I didnt work or go anywhere on halloween.. at least I knew I was being festive..

Turned out really well except one nostril was wierd shapped ha ha....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good Bye Old Job....

My last day at my old job my coworkers and boss were kind enough to get me a card and cookies... very thoughtful....

The strange part.... I had no idea of this kindness... I was walking out to leave for the day and saw this card on the table....saw it was for me....ha ha I guess nobody was going to tell me .... Kinda summed up how my job was for sure....sweet but strange....

New Job

Its been over a year that I have been searching for a new job.... and FINALLY some luck. Previously I was working random hours, random days, no full time, no benifits. UGH I was really starting to be miserable to be around I was very unhappy . I am hoping this is a sign of better things ahead for me some security and relief from daily worries would be nice.

Here is my brand spankin new name plate at my office, and my first piece of mail... I am easily excited as you can see... But I plan on basking in it for awhile longer... YAY!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple Picking... got a little out of hand...

A few weeks ago FH and I spent our sunday morning together picking apples at his grandparents house. We were a little sneak waiting till they were at church before ambushing their 3 trees.

They looked great!

FH wouldnt let me take his picture he took mine....

So we ended up picking 3 5-gallon buckets full.... I dont know what we were thinking we would do will all of these. I cut one bucket up and froze them to bake with... and half abuck I made apple sauce with. ...... and then I gave up it was alot of work.... next year I think 1 bucket will be plenty.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Event coming soon....

So November 3rd is my official blogoversary... I feel like I should so something special.... any ideas?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Get Out Your Mugs!! Its Hot Chocolate Weather!

I broke out my mustache mug this morning and FH made us both some hot chocolate! YUM!

He got really excited about the multicolored marshmallows.... and they were great!

I also need an excuse to finally use my mug I made a craft night.... and it got me excited for the next one!

Junes world has been turned upside down this weekned.....

On Wednesday June traveled across the road to visit the new cows.... The new cows are wild and we got specific instructions to keep her away so they didnt go through the fence.

She got caught by FH and his brother cornering some calves in the corner... uh oh! She just wanted to play!

As a result FH went on a mission to keep her from going across the we got an in ground invisible fence.

This is the result...

June got zapped.... and she is confused so she just runs to the house or barn and sits... poor girl :(
I hate it but I know its safer so she doesnt get lost or hit by a car.

She was a little better today she doesnt know where she can go I hope she figures it out soon so we get our naughty, spunky, silly dog back!

Glitter Pumpkins

I was pretty excited to make these... I got 4 pumpkins while I was at walmart the other day. I am using three for this I have other plans for my 4th on... that I am sure I will post when I finish it.

I coated each pumpkin in mod podge then sprinkled on the glitter.

They turned out pretty good! In the evening when the lights shine on them they look really neat! There were a few spots I missed but you cant tell too much I dont think....except the white one...opps..

Halloween Wreath update

I FINISHED..... I let this project drag out a bit I ended up spray painting several different time got snakes at 3 different stores and I added a J I hand painted some spider webs but it is finally done....
It ended up being a little small for our door... and I had to hang it wierd on the top of the window because it wouldnt stick to the glass...

FH and June both checked it out and it met approval!

Now to start my next halloween project.

Hair Stylist Therapy.....and feeling pretty

I have been slacking lately.... not wearing much makeup.... not feeling pretty so I got my hair did and actually put some makeup on ha ha and it was WONDERFUL. I think more than anything I needed a change and needed some therapy with a friend. I really going though some friend envy lately. Wishing I had some one close to hang out with ...ugh!

Dark brown for winter with some blonde peek-a-boos

Silver and black smokey eye

the sweetest thing.... I met FH at work to and he stop in his tracks... and smiled and said I was pretty it felt good... He is sweet!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Des Moines Renaissance Faire FAIL

For years I have been curious about the Des Moines Renaissance Fair..... I will no longer wonder..... it was not good..... cost WAY WAY WAY too much to get in...

2nd... It the way many people were dressed was disturbing... the period costumes were great... the half clothed women..... was icky.... (the people watching was at its finest.... WAY BETTER that the Iowa State Fair)

Yes that says ye old pizza... I should have turned around right there.....

Talk about weapons was ok FH enjoyed it

This is a scotch egg.... part of the reason I wanted to go... because it sounded very good..... turns out...... FAIL... it was gross ick

Now I dont want to sound too negitive there was a highlight of the faire. The jousting.

The horses were nice... one very nice.... and the acting was good and the jousting surprisingly really good.

FH wants to go back.... I am thinking no way!

Riding with FH

Its that time of year....FH is finishing in the fields mowing I work alot and so does he so we often spend our time together in the tractor.

Dring back and forth mowing ...raking..... and bailing.

I enjoy it I get to see what FH is good at and he teaches me to run some of the machinery. I truely enjoy driving the tractor and am learning to operate the mower...

Our job well done!

I drove my little aveo out to the field.... who knew it was an all terrian vehichle ha ha

FH in his tracor!

Not sure I like this....

In a previous post I made the canvus white on white it said " I have always known it was you" I tried to make a smiliar art piece for the kitchen ... but I dont think it works so well with other colors... granted it needs another coat of paint.... not sure what think of it yet.....

Early Halloween project ...thank you pinterest

Another pinterest find.... I have started the process of making this... SOOO easy and all for under 20 which I think is a good deal.

Here is part of what I started with brown wreath.... and plastic toy snakes I got some small ones later also.

I got everything spray painted now... just to figure out how to put them on...

As you can see Ms. June was sassy when I wouldnt let her help...

So I gave her an old pop bottle... she was happy as a clam!