Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Me too! Me too! Hicktionary's Talk to me Tuesday

YAY!!! This is the first week I get to participate in Hicktionary's http://601hicksfamily.blogspot.com/ Talk to me Tuesday!

This week the question is:

What are you looking forward to this Chirstmas Season?

This is Mark and I's first Christmas together, So I am looking forward to sharing Christmas with him and learning how his family spends the holiday. I am also looking forward to starting our own traditions that we can someday share with our children. And as always I look forward to spending time with my family and sharing our traditions with Mark this year.

Cows in a blanket?

I had some extra philo dough let over from my failed thanksgiving brie, so I searched for some recipes and found these. They arent called cows in a blanket but thats what they are and I liked the name.

Cooked some mini ranch burgers the FH loves them.

wrapped them in philo dough and added some cheese and baked.

Here is the inside they are GOOD! I will deffinitly make them again.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Turducken and Apples to Apples

Thanksgiving this year was low key just mom, ziek, adam, mark and I. No jes :(We decided to to try truducken this year for something different, and it was realy good. I also was feeling domestic and made green bean casserolle and attempted to make a bri appetizer.

bird bird bird ..bird is the wordIt was an oddly shaped thing.
Here you can see the different birds and it came with stuffing and rice already in it. Both of which were surprisingly good.

Here was my attemped at a pastry wrapped brie but i didnt use the right kind of brie so it didnt taste very good.
The FH and I

She LOVES when I take her picture without her knowing it

The Ziek

Also Si got her christmas present early her party dress Oh how I miss her

Felt like cooking

Felt like cooking yesterday found a reciepe for Pumpkin butterscotch cookies. THey turned out quite good despite not having and baking powder and putting the vanilla in the wrong bowl . I also added white chocolate chips because my FH (future hubby) loves them.

My whoops moment thats the vanilla in the dry ingrediants didnt seem to hurt anything though

I want to turn this in to a muffin recipe it tasted alot like perkins pumkin muffins which I love. I think they would also be good without the chips and a cream cheese frosting.

not a great picture but they were good.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I think the kittens are here to stay

Well the kittens were supposed to have found homes by now but they are so hard to let go. Mark and I got a bed in the barn made up for them this weekend. THis little guy or girl wanted to follow Mark around so here was our solution. In Mark's Pocket!

The Kitty is over it and wants out I think thats Juan pooping in the background opps!

Time for a drink even the babies are in there for some

Pumkin, baby, baby, baby, Juan

so cute the babies were thirsty

Shooting on Thanksgiving

Mark and I spent our Thanksgiving around the house. We are meeting up with the families later in the weekend. We spent the day tackling the kitties and shooting the guns.

Mark needed to sight in his 12g and I wanted to learn to shoot his handgun. It was fun I am glad i know how to use it now if i need to .

Mark putting the target out

Oh ditch tree Oh ditch tree

Got out ditch tree christmas tree up yesterday its very charlie brown christmas. Its out first tree together and neither of us have christmas decorations. So there is our tree for now pretty sad but its kinda sweet.

Ha ha our tree cant hold up the topper Mark wanted to fix it but i think it fit our tree better like this.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Started wrapping christmas gifts found some really neat stuff to decorate presents with for the kids

Still looking for a little somthing to add to the girls gifts did get some smencils for them though yes that sented pencisl smencils

And this big tote is full of ingredient and tools to make christmas cookies and chirstmas nipples i am pretty excited about them

CHristmas POP!!!

Its that time of year the christmas pop is hitting the stores. The cranberry ginger ale they only sell durring the holidays and it is soooo good. Mark and I were out and saw it i got 4 bottles ha haand that is tame I know some people that have it stock piled so they can have it all year around. Which is why it always sold out in cedar rapids. I am determined to get mark hooked on it too YUM

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wedding decorations

I was in Des Moines this week multiple times and I found these letters at Michaels in the clearance sections and got several for 1o cents each. I am going to use one or two for cake toppers after I paint or decorate them.

But I am looking for ideas for what to do with the rest, decorations of some sort.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

King and I Thai Cuisine

While going to school at Kirkwood inCedar Rapids I worked at a Chinese and Thai resturant. The food there was soo good and even after I quit working I would go back once and awhile to eat and even learned to cook my favorite item from there.

I miss the food and Cedar Rapids so when I heard about King and I in Des Moines I thought i would try it.

Summer rolls they look different but they are soo good, and really easy to make. These were good but not as good as CR's and the ones I make.

This I hadnt tried before it was called Rana Garden. It was pretty good too

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Immature but couldnt resist..

I was walking out of the school yesterday after a great tutoring session and this caught my eye. Yes it is clearly two horses standing by each other... but it still made me giggle

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Homemade Pizza Rolls

I ahve been following several blogs an one http://www.confessionsofacookbookqueen.blogspot/ recently made homemade Pizza Rolls. So I gave it a go......

I used both sheets included in the box and it was more than Mark and I could eat about 8-10

I think i added a few to many of these but cant really go to wrong with pepperoni

I dont have a fancy bisquit cutter so I used this tupperwear it worked great

Filled and sealed very easy to do
We dont often fry things at our house but once and awhile is ok... however these did end up too greesy for both of us.

I will make these again but the recipe needs a little tweeking

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas 80% done

I have never been so prepared for chirstmas, and so early this year too. Friday I got all my christmas cards done thaks to Mark's sister inlaw who gave me all the address for his side.

Got a decent deal on cards from TJMAXX ( totally addicted to this place)

There they are and only one messup ha ha I did good.
I also almost got my orniments done 10 snowmen. They all still need carrot noses and some need a few more buttons.
My mess

Two almost finished orniments

They look so cute and very easy to make not as cheap as I thought they would be though I also did a few wreaths but havent gotten pictures taken yet