Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Mark is a trooper... ha ha he supports most of my needs for critters. His parents have already had chickens for years, and they were planning on getting some more chickens and we decided we better have some too.

There was an old oil shed in the back pasture that would make a great coop, so we drug it up with the skid steer gutted it, cleaned it, replaced boards, windows and the door.

Mark and Juan working on the door

I dont know how we could have completed without Juan overseeing the job

"Hey get back to work"

Looks a little rough but it is a perfect coop!

The girls love thier new home we got 6 hens and one rooster

Kiwi and some of the cyborg mafia

Again Kiwi and one of the cyborgs

Kiwi such a little guy he has doubled in size already!

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