Sunday, July 31, 2011

Texas Roadhouse Rolls and BBQ Chicken!

I felt like cooking today and it turned out REALLY REALLY good! I makde BBQ pulled chicken in the crockpot.... SUPER easy who knew?

Then I got a wild idea that i would try to make copy cat texas roadhouse rolls. They turned out really good not the same as TR but good enough... and it made alot!


Farmers Market and Great Conversation

The past few weeks have been trying and a challenge, My body has been warning me to reduce the stress in my life.... only for it to increase without my control. I treated myself to a massage and a visit to the chiropractor and a couple new shirts. I also took an my high school friend Tabitha up on a visit to the Farmers Market in Des Moines.

We were good friends in highschool and had many adventures and have recently reconnected through blogging and our class reunion. Saturday was hot and it seemed like EVERYONE was downtown but it was nice having conversations getting to know each other again, and seeing her be a mother and a great one at that!
Tabitha brought her super cute girls L and J to join us on our day and they were a joy to be around.

We both relised after our visit we forgot to take pictures to blog about our afternoon... so I improvised....
AS you can see there we are enjoying the market.... he he

Its like playing wheres waldo ha ha can you find us in this picture? How lucky we were to have a photographer follow us and docment our day!

Thanks Tabitha for a fun day! Cant wait till we get to do it again!

Homemade Butterfinger

I finally bought a candy thermomeater and I made Homemade Butterfinger candy. I have been seeing delicious recipies ALL over Pinterest... which is my new addiction.

FH loves Butterfinger so in the past I have made cookeis with them it they turned out very very good! This time i used white chocolate and he liked it!

I got a little nervous with this part getting the syrup and sugar to 250 degrees was a nail biter!

Turned out really good and easy to do! HERE IS THE RECIPE AND WEBSITE I STOLE IT FROM

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

bento/ cute food obsession....

So even though I am not yet a mommy.... I am determined to someday be a very wonderfull mommy...... and I have started a collection that I think will help me get there...

I have been looking at ood blogs and there are always cute foods for kids posted. So I ordered a few items from Japan... to try it out

Who doesnt want to turn thier sandwich into a firetruck and drive it around your plate..i know i want to

Ok this is cute it stamps words into your cheese or fruit.... ha haYES!

Picture opening your lunch box and your hardboiled egg has a cute nori smiling face on it! ha ha this stamps eyes and mouth out of nori or thin materials

HOT DOG CRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am making FH try this one hotdog.. turned into a CRAB!!!!!! ha ha ha i love it!

Food pics look close there are umbrella handles... and leaves so cute!

Yes I am silly..... but I think they are cute I know i would want them used for my lunch everyday lets you know someone is thinkin of you:)

ya i am a 7 year old in a 28 year old's body....

so a few months ago i saw a video of this... its called popin cookin... its a product from Japan its candy that you make from water and powder that when you are finished looks just like sushi... yes its silly... i dont care i thought it was cute.

so when I was ordering a few other things from jbox/jlist i added this to my order... he he

how cute is the box ha ha

ok so on the far right is the "rice" its a white fluffy grape smelling stuf that i made with water and powder...

the yellow and red are a jello consistancy also made from powder and water.

Here are the "rice" formed into squares

ok this is were it gets wierd.... the top left is water and powder that... you drop the bottom left liquid into. and it forms "roe" or little jellie balls.

its the neatest process very wierd

add on top of the candy rice and seaweed seaweed was made from a laffy taffy type stuff.


so time to try these.... GROSS.... eww ewww ewww ha ha sushi is good this was NASTY ha ha smelled like grape tasted like butt.... ha ha fun to make not to eat!

Pool !!!!!!!

I talked FH in to getting a pool.... SUPER EXCITED!! Here is how it went.....

pool was originally 200 FH talked them down to 150!! SCORE!

Started to fill the pool here..... wasnt level enough sooo

June and I decided it should be moved to another spot
FH decieded to get the skid stear and leval a spot..

Ha HA caught him in a pic... shhhhh

It ended with us having to get out.... whatever this thing is....

I guess it measures how level the dirt is....

The day ended ... several hourse later.... with a VERY level pool in the perfect spot I will take a picture I am excited for it now i need a swiming buddy.... anyone?


FH's work treated everyone and thier families to a day at Adventureland in Altoona. We asked FH's brother and his family to join us, however they werent able to attend so we borrow thier children and took them out for the day.

A and G were great and lots of fun to be around FH didnt like the rides so A and G and I took part in the log ride and bumper cars and lots of rides!

FH's work got everyone matchin shirts too ha ha it was great the four of us were stylin in the purple shirts.

Here is FH and G and A after the water park. We even played a ew carnie games wone them some toys (WOW was that not cheap YIKES!!!!)

Over all lots of fun I think I can even talk FH in to going again!

Decatur County 4-H and FFA Horse Show

I was honored to be asked to judge the Decatur County 4-H and FFA horse show this year.

The day was filled with halter and performance classes and there were many great competitors.
I hope to be asked to do this again I really enjoyed it

I was disappointed to see the show hasnt evolved much from the years I was showing, I wish i lived closer so I could help them make some changes for the better :)

Breakfast for dinner

Found a reciepe for "panera" ham and swiss quiche. It turned out good except the crust turned too dark. The fruit was GREAT!!

Garden Update

FH and I havent been the best about keeping up with the garden.... out of the blue I decided to check in on it see what was happening ha ha... and TA DA we have green beans!

and quite a bit too I split them in half and gave some to FH's grandparents.

and the rest I made chinese buffet green beans again this time with added pork.

THey call for oyster sauce... which can be intimidating but it actually tasty and i dont think has anything to do with oysers.
Dinner was a success FH even liked it ! yay

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pretty excited about these...

Durring my "Epic Couponing Trip" I picked up these. They are ment for use with clay but I intend to use them like this cute website does. I am sure FH would just love heart shaped fruits and feggies in his lunch ha ha ha ha

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I need new shoes thats how this all started... New shoes for work.

So I figured I would make a stop at Target and Walmart and Walgreens and do some shopping.

I did some research before I went Here is my list of that I was getting and what coupons to use. and the baggies are each labeled with store names and have the coupons for each stores.
I was super organized and it payed off!

I made severel Walgreens trip went to 3 different stores to get everything i needed I saved.

Here is my Walmart trip before coupons

After coupons YAY saved over $27.00!!!!

Here was my Target savings YAY!!!

Here is my haul

All these items were 100% FREE!!!!!!

Each of these items individually were under a $1 some as low as $0.22

I did get un getting shoes too.... and I even got a deal on those too

Smooth talking the sales guy saved my $25 on my shoes

I saved over $90 today LOVE IT I am ADDICTED!!

2nd go at Lemon Chicken and couscous

It was so tasty the first time I made Lemon chicken again. This time I got isreli cous cous. SOOOO MUCH BETTER

The little pearls are bizarre when you eat them but they taste just like pasta. FH didnt like it AT ALL ha ha oh well

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to the craziness Boots...

We have a new cat... with boy parts... ha ha.... He showed up at the house yesterday crying and talking looking very skinny. He is very friendly... infact too friendly very needy.

Seems to get alone well with every one...

Especially June.. They have a love/hate relationship.

I asked FH's Neices to name the new cat for us. So This is Boots.

Boots follows June around... June tries to chew on Boots.....Boots attacks JuneThey are quite the odd couple

THey are so much fun to watch... i kinda hope that Boots sticks around just to entertain June