Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farmers Market and Great Conversation

The past few weeks have been trying and a challenge, My body has been warning me to reduce the stress in my life.... only for it to increase without my control. I treated myself to a massage and a visit to the chiropractor and a couple new shirts. I also took an my high school friend Tabitha up on a visit to the Farmers Market in Des Moines.

We were good friends in highschool and had many adventures and have recently reconnected through blogging and our class reunion. Saturday was hot and it seemed like EVERYONE was downtown but it was nice having conversations getting to know each other again, and seeing her be a mother and a great one at that!
Tabitha brought her super cute girls L and J to join us on our day and they were a joy to be around.

We both relised after our visit we forgot to take pictures to blog about our afternoon... so I improvised....
AS you can see there we are enjoying the market.... he he

Its like playing wheres waldo ha ha can you find us in this picture? How lucky we were to have a photographer follow us and docment our day!

Thanks Tabitha for a fun day! Cant wait till we get to do it again!


Abbie said...

hahahahahhaha u r so funny!!!!

tabby said...

LOL !!! This made me chuckle. Love it. Oh I have missed you friend... more good times to come!... We need to get the "out of towners" together for a reunion:)
You are a beautiful person and I am thankful for you back in my life. Thanks for the sweet comments, I know that you too will be an awesome mother :) you domestic diva you!.... I want to sign up for your class :)