Monday, January 31, 2011

Green egg

Look what i found in the coop today! Our first green egg. Its from our hen we call Hawk. SO EXCITED about it it looks soo neat!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing wedding

Spent the morning playing with wedding decorations. found a fun use for the metal J's i got a great deal on a few monthes back. They are bit lopsided in the picture but they are going to be part of the cupcake holder centerpiece.

Here are the other decorations I have for the food/ guest book table. Silver white and black are my colors got amazing deals on everything.

Thanks mama for the help it was fun

June goes to the vet

June had her 2nd vet appointment saturday. She was a good girl I took a few pictures to document the occasion.
Sitting in the car like a big girl.
"Uh where are we going"?
The train was very interesting!
" Can we leave"?
" Where are the cows"
Yay time to go back home!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

June loves being a farm dog

As I mentioned before June got her cows back, I took these pictures the other day she was checking out the tractor. Smelling the tires, eating the cow poop and silage, she loves the farm.

Her lastest accomplishment is opposum catcher..... well she didnt catch it but she sniffed it out and barked till FH came and "took care of it". She was a good girl she earned her spot on the farm!

Cupcake Tree

Found these at Walmart and am thinking of using them as a centerpiece for each table at the wedding. I am either making or having cupcake mades instead of cake. Not your typical choice but like that is different and inexpensive way to decorate.

Thinking of other ways to decorate the table around this we shall see....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wedding Update

Moving forward with wedding plans this week we have a date picked and a location for the ceremony and reception. There is still alot to be done but its getting there,next big project is continuing the money saving and find a photographer and officiant. Ugh lots to do :~)

Kitchen Experiments

Made Mozzarella Stuffed chicken breasts last week. I didnt follow a reciepe which usually back fires. All the cheese started to fall out so I wrapped it in bacon. Which made it very tasty!

The cheese still melted out but they turned out great.

The Cows Return

June Update:

She got her cows back a few days back and there calves now and there are lots of them, she hangs out int he field with them most of the day.

This morning I went to feed her and she had a big cow clobber on her butt. She is a happy girl.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bridal Show HCR

Thinking about having the wedding at Honey Creek Resort went to view it oon sunday at thier bridal show. It was small but really good got a great idea of what my options are hoping to make a choice soon! The hotel is beautiful and the staff that I have met are all very nice and seem to want to help anyway they can.

Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Burgers

YUM these turned out really good mixed ground turkey with dried ranch mix and put shredded mozzarella in the middle. Very tasty even the next day the warmed up great!

Trip to the country store

Had the day off today and decided to drive to bloomfield to the Dutch Country Store. I have driven by this place a few times and it was always closed turns out it was always sunday and of course thats the only day they are closed.

I made the special trip today and it was fun!

The place must be newer everything is really clean and all the shelves stocked, the freezer section was a bit bare but I wasnt really there for that stuff anyway.

I love bulk stores like this and specialty foods stores, they are inspiring they make me want to know how to use all the igrediants they sell.
They had bags and bags of bulk candy and items I had never seen, Gummy eggs, gummy cows!

I also like the sprinkles section they sprikles in ery unique shapes school busses, cows, butterflies, sharks, and many more.

I found some silver crystals and sprinkles that I think will be great for the wedding things I am going to try to make.

More bulk items jello and puddings the colors I thought were pretty.
I got some of these to send to Florida to the BFF who used to dig these out of the Lucky Charms cereal and leave the rest.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bart is officially a Rooster

I hope this video works my FH took it this morning for me while I was on my way to work.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Speak June Speak

Little note came home from work today and the FH ran to show me what he taught june today.
she now knows how to speak!

So proud of our smart girl!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another UD look

I thought I would show another makeup look. All Urban Decay again love that stuff!

If you cant read the sign because of my hand writing or horrible spelling it says " June destroyed the car litter bag". FH was playing computer games and I went to check on June in the garage and she had tore open a breadn new bag of cat litter and had it all over the garage. She also gathered up mine and FH's boots and added them to the pile along with her toys. I am kicking my self for not taking a picture.

I had to break the news to FH with this note. He took it surprisingly well.

FH's introduction to the greatness that is SAUSAGE BISCUITS

In my mom's house these are like gold. We fight over who gets to take the leftovers they are yummy! Someone brought them to my brothers high school graduation party and we have been cooking them ever since, its hard to eat just one. I have passed the recipce around to friends too and they all love them too.

sauage, cheese, milk and bisquick thats all there is too it

Here is the finished biscuit yum!

Kringla Goodness

My furture family in law were talking the other day about thier love of Kringla. I also like the cookie, the Hy-vee's in Cedar Rapids used to sell them and there were good but a bit dry and EXPENSIVE!

I had Tuesday off from work and FH's parents are ill so I thought I would try my hand at making the cookie as a gift. The dough was really wet so i wasnt able to make the fancy figure 8 of pretzel shape but the cookies still turned out amazing. In fact too good I cant stop eating them good thing i didnt make many and am giving most of them away. YUM YUM YUM I will make these again and again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So proud of myself!

Looks like I might be able to do it. Its been a rough 2 years for finishing my masters degree. Broken hearts, moving, losses, and lack of motivation and drive have all delayed my finishing. Long talks with FH has motivated me to finish. This will be my last semster unless something crappy happens . I want that HOOD! I want that diloma. I want to know i know do it.

really liking this

Got this the other day kinda digging it. Really light feel and covers really well.

June Acts Out

This is what I came home to Monday afternoon. June has been in the garage all day when FH and I are at work. And her cows have been moved this week too. She took her anger out on Omar the Boston Terrier statue.

I guess his spike collar was not a deterant.
This is what happened to my boot. I guess we have been neglecting her warm weather come soon so my June can play outside!

It tastes just like chicken

Chicken update: We are laying more regularly now yay I think 3 hens are now laying. Each has thier own place they like to lay. Here is one of the Cyborg mafia hens her choosen nest is this corner this does not make me happy it is not easy to get too to collect.

Bart is still growing and crowing now.. though I havent heard it yet. Here he is with all of his ladys. Yes that Kiwi she has been reintrodcted to the group and seems to be getting along fine. Which i hope means we can get some chics in the spring. *fingers crossed*
Bart is now tall enough to look out the door which I enjoy. I see him looking out the door when i drive buy.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

June and the mooo's

I wish these pictures could capture all of what went down with June and the cows but my camera is missing a cord and all I had was my phone camera.

June is getting used to being outside most of the day now and she has found some buddies in the cows.

This cow spent over 20 mintues playing through the fence with her, touching noses, barking, june laying on her back while the cow sniffed her tummy.

I tried to get some video too but I failed.

Awful Product

SOOOO I got these at walmart yesterday.
Not impressed. For many reason
1. 16 in a pack not 10 not 20 but 16! Someone please inform me why 16 I have 10 fingers not 8 not 16 ha ha the weirdest thing!

2. They dont adhear very well to my nails

3. The "fits all nails" sizes dont fit my nails very well .

The colors are fun but I would not spend as much as I did again not worth it at all.