Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trip to the country store

Had the day off today and decided to drive to bloomfield to the Dutch Country Store. I have driven by this place a few times and it was always closed turns out it was always sunday and of course thats the only day they are closed.

I made the special trip today and it was fun!

The place must be newer everything is really clean and all the shelves stocked, the freezer section was a bit bare but I wasnt really there for that stuff anyway.

I love bulk stores like this and specialty foods stores, they are inspiring they make me want to know how to use all the igrediants they sell.
They had bags and bags of bulk candy and items I had never seen, Gummy eggs, gummy cows!

I also like the sprinkles section they sprikles in ery unique shapes school busses, cows, butterflies, sharks, and many more.

I found some silver crystals and sprinkles that I think will be great for the wedding things I am going to try to make.

More bulk items jello and puddings the colors I thought were pretty.
I got some of these to send to Florida to the BFF who used to dig these out of the Lucky Charms cereal and leave the rest.

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