Thursday, April 28, 2011


We did easter early this year and It was my first easter with FH's family. I had a great time filling eggs with candy and treats and FH had fun hiding them for the kids.

I made these cookies for the kids I repurposed the christmas wreaths in to nests added some jelly beans and peeps. Cute right?
And of course jello eggs. I cant tell you how much I love these things. something about putting jello int he shape of an egg changes its taste. ha ha. I made yellow blue red and purple.

Here is a pic of the kids with there eggs after the hunt. ( I added the Peeps because I am not sure thier parents want thier cute little faces on my blog.... just imagine big smiles)

More Baby Kittens.....

Trashley had kittens again on Monday. 4 of them a grey a black and two that look like they are black and orange. they are super cute.

She had them in the barn this time.

June as you can see is super excited about them too

June's Bounty

Today I mowed for the first time this season. Also our first time with June mowing.

I began by attempting to pick up all of her toys so I could safely mow. This cause June to be DISTRAUGHT!

SHe wanted to know what I was doing with her toys , where they gone for good?!?!?!?

Every toy I picked up and threw on the cement she promptly went and got and returned to the yard. Of course I thought this was hilarious (for awhile) so I let her do it for a bit.

Here is June posing .... or now that I think about it protecting her bounty.

She even has her foot planted on one toy . If you notice there are various parts of deer as well as a tiny branch attached to a huge root.

A closer look at her bounty... of course this isnt all of it there was still a baseball and a deer leg in the yard.

pacing nerviously......

June Out!

June learned she is not allowed in teh garage, but she always tries (which i think is hillarious) When you say JUNE OUT she backs up just to the edge of the garage.

Today I caught her pouting at the edge because she couldnt come in and protect me from the mean mower.


Tuesday I treated myself to an afternoon in Des Moines I went to see Water for Elephants.. which was good. I also did a tiny tiny bit a shopping got a cute summer dress at Old Navy for 1/2 off YAY! new flip flips at Icing which I am really excited about they are silver and sparkly (always a good combination) and a bit of makeup from ULTA.

My final stop was Trader Joes because I am offically addicted. I got some meat there for the first time tried it tuesday night it was a korean marinated beef... disappointng :(

I got some pretzel bread which is ALWAYS ALWAYS good YUM!
and these treats!

Smores bites very good! I need to try them heated up.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I found a use for my 4 stalks of asparagus I harvested. Asian Chicken Salad and it was good!

Pillars used to have a salad similar to this on the menu and it was very good I have made it at home a few times but never added Asparagus till last night and it worked out well.

I also made triple berry scones. they were just ok, I should have added more sugar but they will do

Sunday, April 17, 2011

So i dont get credit for planting these but I did mow them and then cut them. Only 4 stocks my first pick but its getting me excited for harvesting other things. But I am not sure what to do with just 4 stocks....

My new adventures in gardening part 3 THE MAYFLOWER

FH plowed my garden today. He brought out what he calls " the mayflower". Why?.... he says its so old it came over on the mayflower

As you can see it smokes
June and FH's brother came over to supervise

June was tired being so naughty is exauhsting
Or maybe she is rolling in poop....who knows?

uhh pretty sure your not supposed to be in there june!
Ahh the Mayflower might be giving out

The mayflower made it through the garden for now I can wait toget thing planted.

Avacados how I love you!

FH said we can have an avacado tree in the house..... so I took him up on it. Yay but it failed So we are trying again hopefully it works I LOVE AVACADOS!!!!

Solar panels

All the panels got installed on the house 2 weeks ago and they are makin us lots of engery.

They are each hooked up to the internet and it tells us what each pannel is making along with graphs and also tells us what the engery is equivilant in gas trees and light bulbs.

This was after one week!

Yard work with June

June and I discovered we has a bush in the yard that needed a little attention. Here she is evaluating the work to be done. Thanks to a friend I learned I needed to cut it way back.

THe end result the pile on the right is what I took off the bush

June was worn out she worked very hard fending off the felines.

My new adventures in gardening part 2 Tomatoes

FH and I also started some tomato plants 8 to be exact and 2-4 are yellow tomatos they came up really well but now seem to be leaning :(

I have no idea what to do with them I am hoping they will straighten up and give us lots of tomatos!

My new adventures in gardening part 1 Watermellon and Sunflower

I picked up these fun dixie cup planters at Lowes they are obviosly designed for children but I am having a great time with them. Sunflower came up first bt the watermellon wasnt far after that. They are fun to watch just today the watermellon sprouted a 5th sprout! I am excited to see how they turn out. The sunflower is showing its height already!

Two sprouts are comming out of the side of the soil cup intersting...