Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Things I am loving right now...

1. The Hunger Games Series!
I havent loved a book so much .... in maybe forever... It occupied my mind the whole time I was reading it... and still does once and awhle I cant wait for the movie!.

2. Giant Gummy Bears!
FH for me some for my stocking... they are 4 or 5 inches tall...

3. Pinterest
Seriously....so many fun ideas

4. Revenge Tv show in ABC
WOW its bitchy... and drama filled... but I LOVE IT!

5. FH
I am truly blessed to have him I cant wait to be his wife!

Merry Christmas June!!

First this Christmas morning FH and I took June her stocking. We both had been filling it with goodies for the past month.
FH made her sit and shower her my handy work with her stocking....

She got several bags of treats... huge bone.... a new color... a new name tag and...
a 3 foot long chewie! she had trouble getting out the door with it ha ha but she loved it
We love our girl!

Rawr !

I am not good about getting wedding ... and baby gifts for people... I know its awful.... I have no excuse....But I have hopefully made up for it with two good friends..One who recently had a very handsome baby boy B.. and another who is Due to have Baby boy R very soon.
So I made them each a Dino Hoodie for thier little ones.... They wont be able to wear them for sometime but I am excited to see them jumping in mud puddles.. chaising critters, and hugging thier wonderful mommies in them!

Christmas Cards

I had alot of fun making our christmas cards this year... more on that in a minute. FH and I displayed our cards on the kitchen cabents. I wraped some ribbon around the doors, and added some glitter to some clothes pins. It looked really nice!
OUR CHIRSTMAS CARD!!! Another pinterest idea. FH and I wrangled June...she was a trooper
Yay June....

Nailin it!

Pinterest has had some really cute nails ideas... I had to try some....
painters tape created the lines.. they turned out ok... kinda messy.
I love myself some sparkle!

Burlap Stockings

I got a little crazy with my sewing machine... started making 3 one for FH, myself and June... and i ended up with 5. They were really easy to make I think i finished a couple of nights.

Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!! I have waited a whole year for this tree! I bought all the ornaments at the end of last year when they were on sale and then packed them away.
It was worth the wait! I think i need a few more to fill it out but i love the look. they glitter branches sticking out are my fav!

Loving it..