Thursday, December 30, 2010

chocolate covered peanut filled pretzels

Still making goodies for FH's family Christmas. Yesterday was chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels. I got the pretzels from Dollar General they are very yummy on thier own.

Turns out I should have gotten milk chocolate instead of semi sweet chocolate and I wish i had more time I wanted to go white chocolate ones too .

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I love after Christmas sales!

I have been eyeing some christmas items all season and waiting for them to go on sale so I can stock up for the wedding. I got some really neat thing at pretty good deals.

I got 12 of theses for 2.50 each thinking of useing them for centerpieces.

I got all of these for table decorations I think the will look great and I got a great deal all for under a dollar!

Miss June UPDATE

June is doing great she loves the kittens she chased them and barks at them naughty ! Had her irst vet visit they say she is about 9 weeks she will be a big girl! He thinks she is purebred and so do we.

I got her a bone she has it stock piled with the others I have given her.

I made Christmas Nipplies and other goodies

Yay got off work early and had time to make some goodies for the FH's family Christmas this saturday. I got these neat Marth Stewart gift boxes and I am going to try to make 6 or 7 different types of goodies to put in it along with the button ornament I made.

I love this treats they are so easy and most everyone loves them. The only pain is un wrapping all the Hersey Hugs and Rolos.

This is not even half of the wrappers I ended up with what a mess!

Yum! Here are the circle pretzels with Hersey Hugs they will get topped with red and green plain M&M's.

Here are Rolos with pretzels they will get topped with peacans.

2-3 Mintues in the oven at 275 top with M&M's or pecans SOOO EASY !!!

At my house these are called Christmas Nipples the other have names too but they get a little graffic! opps...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cookie Dough...YUM

Spent my day making and freezing cookie dough. I have a busy week ahead of me and I need Christmas cookies for Saturday. I have 2 gingerbread and 2 sugar cookie one dyed red as I am going to attempt to make candy cane cookies.

We Makin eggs now!

Well we have eggs I wasnt sure for awhile if my future father in law and planted some eggs as a joke. Found out nope he didnt we have started laying eggs officially. As of Christmas day we have had 4!!!! about one a day. Now I need egg recipes.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 2010

Last night was Christmas with my family, we are busy people so we got together ahead of time. Here is a look at all the decorations and gifts my mom head set out the house looked amazing as always.

It was a free for all when we opened gifts.... I think it wore out Jes

The FH got put to work right away... it sure is nice to have an IT man around he has saved me countless times and here he is helping fix my mom's computer up. We were all very greatful.

FH and I got some lovely gifts Thank you everyone!

Here is the syrcingle and lines I got from my mom pretty excited about it, hope I get to use it on molly the mule this summer or maybe my own pony (fingers crossed).

Got alot of books too which I was looking forward to, I am ready for a good book.
And of course I am now looking forward to cookin with Coolio

Great Students..

Wednesday was the last tutor day with my kids before Christmas break. I stopped at Dollar General and put together some gift baskets for them toys, candy, and school supplies. They have been working really hard and are great kids.

I got surprised by one of them he got me a gift.

An angel mug! What a sweet gesture it made my day.

Roses from my love

I have had along week at work, been working saturdays and mssing out on meeting with friends :( Yesterday FH (Future Hubby) met me at work for lunch. He surprised me with a rose! Really makes me appreciate him and how blessed I am. I am truely a lucky girl.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TTMT: Wreathy Goodness

Its that time again Talk to Me Tuesday with Hicktionary

This week's question:

Fill in the blank with a food item

"It wouldnt be Christmas without _________."

Cornflake wreath cookies YUM. Mom and I usually make them and get impatient so we make one big wreath and start eating right away. It rarely lasts the day in our house. And the reciepe has some extra significance for my mom who got it from a customer that passed. I plan to make them this year and hopefully every year when I have little ones.


Puppy update we have named her June. Wednesday is her first vet appointment. She is a handful but also so good. I tried to take pictures but she doesnt stay still for long

She discovered the cows today say by the tree for 20 minutes at least watching they walk around she was facinated. The cats are another story.... the battle contiues.

Chicken Update...I got my first egg i think....

Well my chickens are alive and going strong we did have a short period of agression and resulting hatred. The cyborg hens and rooster ganged up on little Kiwi and pulled out all her butt feathers. It was tramatic she she doesnt walk right and Mark and I hade to seperate her or they would have killed her. :( So now Kiwi lives alone in her own Chicken Ghetto.

Kiwi In her Ghetto

All of them have grown expecially Bart the rooster he is much bigger and his cob and waddly things are big. He has quite the personality ALWAYS looking at my hands to see if i have brought him something. Still no crowing which makes Mark sad I think but I am relishing it because I know we wont be able to stop him once he starts.

Bart and his Harem

And not the egg..... Mark's dad had asked if would be upset if he played a joke on me sometime. He was planning on putting an egg in the coop as a joke because neither or our chickens have lived up to the "laying by the end of october" promise of the Amish lady. So Monday I may have found my first egg. Mark's parents left Monday for a long trip so I havent had the chance to ask if it was a joke or not.

The egg in question
No omelettes yet somebody..... not naming names..........(BART) pecked a hole in it I guess I need to check twice a day now.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Shopping and Peanutbutter Balls

Again Sunday I was feeling domestic I decided to get all of the ingredients I needed for Chirstmas cookies. I also decided to make some early..... ya know to try them out. So I made White Chocolate Covered Peanutbutter balls. This is the first time I have never made them they turned out great!

Shopping list and the yummy peanutbutter balls

The recipe called for milk chocolate but my FH likes the white stuff And it tasted really good together.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Massage Goodness

I treated myself to a massage today and it was WORTH it. I went to Healing Concepts Therapeudic Massage in Chariton it was wonderful I will deffinitly go back .

AHHH if only I could take a nap......zzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here in Russell Iowa we have TV on the road...

This is what I saw on my way to work at 6:30 AM . Yes thats a T.V. in the very center of the 4 way stop in Russell. I LOVE SMALL TOWNS ha ha where else can you see a tv in the road. it was good for a laugh for sure.

Best Christmas Present EVER!

Mark and I actually got home at the same time last night, In his passenger seat was a super cute puppy. One of his co-workers found her in ditch or pasture or something. Mark actually liked her and brought her home.

I thinks she is a Lab but who knows and who cares she is very sweet and smart. She is dying to play with that cats but they are not in to it.

Poor thing was very very hungry she hasnt been fedd regularly for sometime. :(