Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 2010

Last night was Christmas with my family, we are busy people so we got together ahead of time. Here is a look at all the decorations and gifts my mom head set out the house looked amazing as always.

It was a free for all when we opened gifts.... I think it wore out Jes

The FH got put to work right away... it sure is nice to have an IT man around he has saved me countless times and here he is helping fix my mom's computer up. We were all very greatful.

FH and I got some lovely gifts Thank you everyone!

Here is the syrcingle and lines I got from my mom pretty excited about it, hope I get to use it on molly the mule this summer or maybe my own pony (fingers crossed).

Got alot of books too which I was looking forward to, I am ready for a good book.
And of course I am now looking forward to cookin with Coolio

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