Thursday, December 9, 2010

My future father-in-law was a competitor in the World Percheron Congress held a month or so ago at the Iowa State Fair grounds. He took his percheron driving team, I am not completly sure what all he showed in but I know he got 2nd in a plowing competition the first day . Mark and I came up the second day to watch him compete and he got 1st place in the farmers pole competition. he got a PERFECT score the only competitor to do so. We were all so proud. While the class was finishing up he asked me if i wanted to drive his team! I was sooooo excited and honored they are very well trained and a blast to drive. I wish i remembered thier names but anyway they were so light and easy to drive.

Here is my driving them back to the barn after they won. All of Marks family were watching me ha ha its a good thing i didnt mess up .

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