Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I made Christmas Nipplies and other goodies

Yay got off work early and had time to make some goodies for the FH's family Christmas this saturday. I got these neat Marth Stewart gift boxes and I am going to try to make 6 or 7 different types of goodies to put in it along with the button ornament I made.

I love this treats they are so easy and most everyone loves them. The only pain is un wrapping all the Hersey Hugs and Rolos.

This is not even half of the wrappers I ended up with what a mess!

Yum! Here are the circle pretzels with Hersey Hugs they will get topped with red and green plain M&M's.

Here are Rolos with pretzels they will get topped with peacans.

2-3 Mintues in the oven at 275 top with M&M's or pecans SOOO EASY !!!

At my house these are called Christmas Nipples the other have names too but they get a little graffic! opps...

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Fuller said...

it's okay if you want to drop a plate full of those off at the law center for know, i'd be okay with that... :)