Monday, August 29, 2011

Freezer Meals

Ohhh Pinterest I love you.... Thanks to Pinterest I gave freezer meals a go.... Yesterday I managed to cook 18 meals in just a couple hours. I got them all packaged up and in the freezer.

Here is what I made:
BBQ chicken burritos
Ham broccoli and cheese roll
Ranch cheese quesadilla
chicken parm wraps
Stuffing Bake
Teriyaki chicken
Ranch Parm chicken
sausage mac and cheese
chicken fried rice

I also plan on making a few more meals tomorrow.

It was alot of work and would have been nice to have help I am interested to see how well things freeze and how they taste!

Homemade Grape Juice

Grapes round 2 Our vines were producing like crazy this year so I picked a few more .... this time I wanted to try to just make juice to freeze and use. FH's family usually cans the juice and hadnt yet tried to freeze it.
But FH's mom and I did a little epxperimenting and we got it figured out and its really good!

This is what it looked like finished added a little water and a little sugar the color is really pretty too. I think I am going to get some sprite and try to mix that in too...

We got 15 cups of juice here it is all frozen !!

The Case of the Missing Frosting.......

Made these tasty treats.....

Few hours later I found this......
It appears the cupcake was just a vehicle for the frosting for FH.... lol it was REALLY good frosting you must check out rainbow chip frosting YUM

New Dishwasher!!!!

I told you about making jelly 2 saturdays ago with FH's family.... what I didnt mention was FH sneaking away from making jelly to install me a dishwasher.... Yes I am officailly that old that I get excited about a dishwasher.... BUT I DONT CARE I LOVE IT!!!!!!

I called FH a few times while making jelly to see what he was up to and I couldnt get a straight answer from him.....

And this is what I came home to 2 drawers and 2 cabnets removed I WAS SO EXCITED!

FH's brother and sister inlaw were nice enough to give us this one yay!... but it turned out that we had let it sit out in the garage too long and the seals and pump were no good and it leaked all over boo:(

Soooo we got this one!!! brand new I am retty excited about this one... cause it matches the rest of the kitchen...FH and I were watching over it obsessed with it the first few days he he

and now to figure out what to do with the space left on the left side of the washer .... I think a shelf of some sort.... would like to find a neat way to store alluminum foil and plastic wrap and such.... was thinking of maybe wooden dowels..? i dunno ....

Lasagna Soup

Another Pinterest Post.... YUM! so easy to make and both FH and I loved it!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

7 Links Challenge..

The Rules:
1. The blogger who is nominated ( me in this case) must publish 7 links from his/her blog; one for each of the categories below.
2. The blogger then nominates 5-7 more bloggers to take part, and so on and so on....

I was nominaed by Heidi so I will give this a go Rule # 2 will be the hard part so I will do what I can.....

The Most Beautiful Post
I dont know is this is the most beautiful post that I have posted but it makes me smile. I have slacked a little lately on giving love notes and I am dissapointed in myself but I intend on starting back up!
Most Popular Post
I was just learning to coupon and had just got paid to shop! I had also gotten some free items from couponing. I got almos 50 vies for this post but only 1 comment ha ha!

Most Controversial Post
I took some time to think about this one and came up empty handed. My blog is currently very light hearted.. (or i hope it is) and its just a way for me to document the events in my life and reconnect with old friends and new friends. SO.... I choose one of my favorite blogs posts ever.... Junes Bounty... June makes me laugh and is endless entertainment!
Most Helpful Post
I had trouble finding one for this ..... my blogs are more of a diary than educational or helpful. But I do feel this post was helpful in telling FH about the destroyed kitty litter ha ha!?

Post That Didnt Get the Attention It Deserved
The WORST dentist EVER post didnt get the attention it deserved ha ha.... I was in some serious pain and I got no love :( Not going to that dentist EVER again!
Post That I Am Proud Of
My first blog post EVER is the one I am the most proud of.... because it started the whole thing! I didnt know if I would stick with it but I am happy I did !!

As for rule #2 I dont have enough followers yet to tag and continue but If you are reading this give it a try... its a great chance to reflect on your blog :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Berry Picking

Our grapes started turning purple last week so FH began the long process of picking grapes.

Here is what we got the first night..... we had a competition to see who could collect more.. pretty sure I won although it was close.

The 2nd night we had several visitors .... however they didnt help muchSpit and Spok both climbed up the vines and peeked out the leaves.

June and Boots came to watch ....

They were in the way most of the time and Juned NEEDED her tummy scratched.

ohh... June...

Here is our harvest from the 2nd day

This is what we ended up we choose to make some juice and jelly. We go 29 half pints of jelly!
and juice to make over 80 more all from the two buckets!

We had lots of help making Jelly FH's Neices A and L helped "squish" the cooked grapes

They did a great job with help from unkle FH

Here is FH about to squish the grapes
The grapes smelled wonderfull but looked similar to baby poo....

Here is FH's brother cooking down the raw grapes

Cleaning grapes I was helping with this but I got my bucket finished and I wanted to see how the rest of the process went.

We still have several grapes on the vine going to try to make some more soon.

Iowa State Fair Part 2.. CHickens and such

Lets just take a minute to look at these super cute chickens shall we?.... I LOVE the avenue of breeds at the Iowa State Fair its always full of interesting animals.

Here are some chickens that I really REALLY REALLY want to add to my coop
I love the feathered feet!

We used to have 2 of these they were soo neat! I would like to try to have some again soon.

lovin the white afro

TURKEN.... yes TURKEN not a cross between a turkey and a chicken although it does look like that.. they are also called a naked neck. I NEED ONE they are so ugly they are cute!

Another look at the Turken... he he I LOVE I!

This Percheron and filly are are owned by fh's parents Every year he brings one of this draft horses up for display.

Another look

I was set to meet a good friend at the society horse show in the new arena so we sat and watched the show for awhile.... Let me tell you.... watching society shows get me excited!! Watching the snoring saddlerbreds is like NOTHING else NOTHING!!

I got a nice surprise while watching Ms. Gayle Lampe was the judge of the show. Ms. Lampe was my instructor at William Woods University. She is a hell of a woman who I respect alot. She always had kinds things to say to me.

These she is on the left behind the fence.

I WANT ONE... anyone have thousands of dollars laying around ?

And the reason I went to the fair is that little guy there running towards the "little horse trailer" That is S I used to be his nanny when he was just 6-8 weeks old. It has been years since i saw him last he wasnt talking thats for sure. What a sweet and funny little man It was good to see him and his family who I have missed ALOT!

State Fair Part 1

Fh and I went back to the state fair this year. I was a great time I saw old friends and teachers, and chickens I NEED to own. More about all of that in part 2!

A year ago FH and I went to the state fair for the first time as a couple, we were in a much different time as a couple and had a paricularly difficult time coming up soon little did we know..... As we got to the fair I talked him into taking this picture in the pig barn by the potties. AWWW how cute are we!

And here we are this year much the same in look but different in spirit. I hope this becomes a tradition for FH and I.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

June the Loyal Grasshopper Pointer

Oh how we LOVE us some June around here. She is full of endless energy and entertainment!

Yesterday she met me at my car to see what I had left over from lunch that day in my cooler, when.......her nemisis the grasshopper appeared on the cement.

June is a grasshopper pointer.. a rare breed I am sure you havent heard of it..... we are pretty lucky to see her in action. She did this for at least 5 min untill it moved and she was off! She has gotten really good at catching them too I guess they are tasty... although I wont be trying them anytime soon.

After FH got home he got the the battery motorcycle to look for pumpkin who has gone missing (more on that someother time ... very sad) FH went all around the farm on the bike and finally he went down the lane to look near the road.
And here is how June sat for close to 20 min waiting for FH to come home. She has learned she isnt allowed to go down the drive... so she waits.....

and waits for FH's return.... ohh how excited she got when he came back up the lane she ran after him. It was very heartwarming! WE LOVE US SOME JUNE!!!!

Crafty McCrafterson is engaged to Huh Mc Idontgetit..

So I am still on my crafty kick thanks to craft night and pinterest. I have finally been given the ok to decorate from FH who is obsessibly protective of his boring hospial white walls.

However there is a catche....I only get one room to decorate to see if he trust that i wont make it look bad..... SERIOUSLY? UGH

I do have a plan to turn that into at least 2 rooms then I will take over the whole house...... and then the world...he he

So I am starting with the kitchen I lots of ideas pretty excited I have projects planned Here is the first...

Simple but cute....I used a trick from pinterest to distress the letters.

FH is NOT diggin it.... he asked what it was... why I put it there... why is says eat...

So its not looking good for my plan to take over the house.. but I wont be giving up yet..stay tuned it will get interesting and most likely HILARIOUS!!!!

Happiness in the small things

Saw this on the way to work this morning. A double rainbow tha covered half the sky.

A reminder to find happiness in the small stuff...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

June update...

Junes 4Week naughty streak has finally broke.... we are so far on a 3 day good streak YAY!!!!!!

Here is whats new with our Junie Pants.....
1. She has found the "poop" pond and she uses it to cool off FH says she just sits in it
2. She learned to drink from the pool.... there are muddy foot prints all up the side
3. Chasing the battery powered bike is fun now
4. Less deer parts are arriving in the yard
5. More dead fish are showing up....
7. Learning to shake
8. Kittens are fun to drag across the gravel.... yikes

a rare moment of peace with the kittens there is Chicken and Spit

June was not very lady like here so I Xed out her girly bits.
That in her paws is a dead bird .... she was showing off for the camera

Our finall picture also had to be Xed out she is quite the exhibitionist our June!!!