Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My first money maker!

YAY FOR ME! Really getting the hang of couponing, today I had my first money maker. Where you coupon is for more than the product is worth so the store pays you to take the item.

Here is what I did. I got a coupon in the paper for $2 off any dial body wash or lotion. Since they didnt specify the size of the item I got the trial size which was .97

So for every bottle I purchaced I got dollar credit. So I had a $3 overage. So I treated myself to a new tank top that happened to be $3.88

I also got a few more INSANLY good deals today.
Benadryl anti inch for 29 cents! it was $2.29 below are what else I got.

and my recipt ha ha YAY!

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heididh33 said...

That is awesome!!! And that reminds me I have coupons on my pantry shelf still. How long do most of them last before expiring? Should I keep them till I see you in July?