Sunday, June 5, 2011

Des Moines Farmers Market

Had a day out with my momma yesterday went to the des moines downtown farmers market and the psychic fair. The Market was HUGE. and a great time! the fair was a bit of a disappointment very small but I got to see an old friend and got a reading that was very interesting!

But about the market...
I just learned the science center moved downtown! Cant wait to go there I always remember it being fun.

Just a small look at the amount of people here.

I found my future Goat Mentor ha ha i am looking into raising goat meat and the lady at this booth was very kinda and said she was willing to answer questions for me... YAY!

Had to take a picture of these cinamon rolls easily bigger than my head.

I seen bubble tea on lots of the food blogs I have been stalking... So I had to try it

Here is a close up of the jello pieces they put on the top.... hate to say but this was the only good part about the drink.

We chose Honeydew which did have some slight honeydew flavor I think we should have tried a red like cherry or watermellon I do better with reds... as Homer simpson says red is a fruit!

So in the bottom of the bubble tea is supposedly tappioca pearls or something. IT WAS GROSS they were tough and sticky and had an awful taste

My momma trying the drink... she didnt like it either.

This was one of my favorite stops and I was excited to see they were from knoxville. We tried goat cheese... which I have had and liked before.... but this.... this was AMAZING very taste!

Another favorite was an indian food tent. I forgot the name of these but it was tasty had potato and peas and the sauce to dip it in was tangy and sweet i hasnt tasted anything like it. Ready to visit that booth again

you can tell with this pic i had my hands ful trying to eat and take a picture I also had a bag and a herb lemonaide in my hands. ahhh what we do for blogging.


Anonymous said...

I am so behind on your blog. Love the kitties, and June is adorable too. I love the farmers market in DM! I am hoping to go this year.

heididh33 said...

Had you been before?? I love it! The farmboy breakfast burrito is my favorite. The numbe of people seems to go up as the season goes on and more produce is available. If you didn't have to search for parking or park in a secret semi-illegal spot it's a slow day at the market. ;)