Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June and the kittens

Our Miss June LOVES the kittens! Two nights ago Trashley brought them all up to the house from the barn and June was excited she sniffed them all and they all layed in the yard together.

Today I went down to give the kittens some water for the first time and June joined us...
Here is "Spit" with June sharing the water bowl

The kitten kinda froze in place not sure what to do...

"Spit" close up I love the coloring on this kitten there is a bright orange strip on his/her left leg that is really different

Juan checkin Spit out



"I'm a lion!"

kittens playing

I love this picture June was approaching from the side..

June wanted a closer look and a taste she licked spit lol

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tabby said...

June is so big now!Cute little kitties :)Every time I see "trashley's" name I giggle :)