Friday, June 17, 2011

What I am loving right now...

SO I have been thinking lately about the previous TTMT about the things we love are currently into.... SO i decied to do it again!

YUM Sweidish fish I mostly love them because they are all red.... red is the best flavor!

I you have HBO and havent watch game of thrones yet you are a fool.... yes I went there.... If yu dont have HBO it is work the extra $20+ dollars for this !!! I LOVE IT even FH loves it. We are both so obbessed its even better than true blood... WAY better .

My nook... a wonderful present from FH.. I just read Snowflower and the secret fan (very good)

My coupon binder... yes I am that geeky. It weights about a million pounds but its saves me money!

And of course I am loving my FH- the owner of my heat, my family, June, and all the rest of our critters

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