Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Found a HUGE egg the other day in the coop. almost 3 inches big it reminded me of a story I read in the Des Moines Register. It turns out they are common and often have two yokes. So I broke it open for breakfast the next morning and ..... YES 2 yolks these chickens are always an adventure.


Dinner last night! sooo good! Swiss cheese burgers with avacado and Siracha mayo YUM

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We SOLAR now....

Our Solar panels came today. FH is jazzed about savin some money and learning to combat the worlds end. Which I think he really believes is coming

The first test run went well. Then even held up to June walking on them.... Opps i wasnt doing my job keeping her busy.

AHHH this stick is sooo tasty!


I used to work at Thai Moon in Cedar Rapids while going to Kirkwood. I have nothing but great things to say about that resturant I still go back whenever I am in town. While there I tried summer rolls for the first time. I had to know how to make them so I learned on my own.

I picked up these rice sticks an important ingrediant. They have a noddlie taste hey are translucent which can be disturbing to some.

Rice paper!! Put in boiling water and it becomes translucent and a little sticky. pretty much no taste to it.

Fill rice paper with the rice stick eggs shrimp and lettuce. You can mix it up and pt different things in it but i love them this way. They taste soooo good!
I didnt learn how to make the sauce that Thai Moon makes so I improvised andit goes well. Thousand Island and Siracha (i love siracha!)

Not the best wrapping job but it doesnt matter because they get eaten so fast.
The final product

Day with mom

The Sunday before my birthday Mom and I made a trip to Des moine for a mother daughter day! I had some much fun! We ate sushi, got pedicures, I got a cover for my nook color, and we found an Asian grocery store so I could pick up a few things to make summer rolls (post comming next)

I had never felt brave enough to try some of the candy sold at those places but today I thought I would give it a shot and it payed off!

These were so cute and very tasty I am hoping to get another bag before easter and put them on cupcakes with the dyed green coconut and jelly bean eggs.

These were really good too they have a strawberry version also but i didnt try those maybe next time. Very good!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

June's Toy Box

I finally documented all of Junes toys that she keeps outside next to our bedroom window. She has rearranged her toys some from yesterday.

This was June today. June must have have snuck in the garage durring feeding this morning or when I pulled my car out of the garage. She is so sneaky. It has to get mad at her she makes me laugh!

FYI this is outside our bedroom window.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dont mess with me! ha ha ha

FH purchased this for me to use if we ever have any home invaders.

I think I have him watching too much 20/20, dateline, and 48 misteries.

Anyway dont mess with us!

June Update

FH and I settled down to go to bed the other night. Lights off... TV off...... and then we here the sound of plastic hiting the wall of the house.

Our beloved June was playing outside out bedroom widow with an old popcorn bucket.

She has choosen that spot to house all of her toys. Currently if you go to that side of the house you would find:
3 tennis balls
Fleece bear
Rope pully
pig ear
popcorn bucket
skull from some unknown animal

And her new bone I got her the other day she is spoiled but she really makes our day!

I missed my Si Monster

I had to dog sit for my mom last weekend and I got to see my Si! I have missed her soo much!!!!!.

She spun circle after circle when I got there and whimpered her excitment.

She didnt want to hold still so the pictres are unique ha ha

I love how she holds her chewies!

Ahhh finally she settled down to sleep on my lap ohh I miss her!

NOOKIE!!! ha ha

My birthday is coming up and FH surprised me with a NOOKCOLOR! I love it I spent saturday and sunday reading Water for Elephants. ( Which I really liked)

I was completly surprised and cant wait to start another book. Any suggestions?

Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken

SOO again I am OBSESSED with food blogs they give me so many many ideas for cooking dinner everynight. This website I have checking often and found a reciepe for lemon brown sugar chicken. YUM YUM YUM. So easy and the best thing I have made in a long time.

It lasted like chinese seseme chicken or lemon chicken. I also made couscous for the first time. Also very easy to make and I really liked it.

FH who is a picky eater didnt like it but if it isnt a hamburger is doesnt like it !

deffinitly check out this reciepe and try it

2001 Was a Good Year

I am attempting to make a t shirt quilt from some of my favorite shirts from highschool. I came across this one Sunday.

I dont remember now who all got these but I know 3 or 4 of us get matching shirts and wore them ALOT. It was my favorite for along time.

Dry Shampoo

I have been using dry shapoos for a few years now, both powders and sprays. I saw this new one while working the other day and wanted to try it.

So far I have only use it once, It smells ok but Icouldnt really tell if it works as well as the others I have used.

Love Notes

I love getting surprises and even MORE I love surprising others. This last month I sent valentines to all of FH's neice and nephews. Cake pops, cards, balloons, and toys. They loved them... well most of them did.

For FH, I have been leaving him little notes in the his lunch every morning. A little note to keep me on his mind and for him to know I am thinking of him.

I need more ideas of what to right on the notes... google here I come

Trimming trees with June

I have been loving these nice days that we have been getting here and there this month. FH and his brother took the opportunity to trim some trees. This is quite a feet considering FH is scared of heights.

June was very helpful following the men around supervising.

This tree gave FH some hell he made the trip up the ladder multiple times trying to get the nerve to cut a limb.

June again helping!

My duty was to try to entertain June. Here is her new ball.

The best part of the day..... They finally removed the old gutter on the Morton building that has been creeking and screeching when the wind blows. It makes our place sound like a horro movie I hated it!

Really liking This Product

I had a litle retail therapy Monday I was feeling down so I got some new lipgloss. (I am easily pleased)

Its EOS brand this was the first I has seen it and it was deffinilty an impulse buy at the register.
The shape is different and not very convienet as I like to put my lip gloss in my pocket. With this product thats not an option.

This is the inside, So different! The smell is fruity which I like and a very light feel.
I checked out the brand website and they had many items I would like to try!
Deffinitly recomend!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Damn you BART!

I went to check the chickens todayand got two big surprises.

ONE: our first day getting 5 eggs so we are almost at full production 1 more to go.

TWO: and here is the shocker! My man Bart the rooster attcked me! not just once or twice 3 times!!!

For the last two weeks I thought he was comming after me when I would turn my back (I could here the racing feet) But I didnt think much of it till today!

I turned to leave the coop and he ran at me and hit my leg. It scared me! I kicked him and he did it again! So i kicked him again while i was trying to leave the coop. As soon as I turn to leave he comes at me.

So looks like he will be getting some sollitary confinement in chicken prison or he will be taking a trip to dinnertown!