Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Damn you BART!

I went to check the chickens todayand got two big surprises.

ONE: our first day getting 5 eggs so we are almost at full production 1 more to go.

TWO: and here is the shocker! My man Bart the rooster attcked me! not just once or twice 3 times!!!

For the last two weeks I thought he was comming after me when I would turn my back (I could here the racing feet) But I didnt think much of it till today!

I turned to leave the coop and he ran at me and hit my leg. It scared me! I kicked him and he did it again! So i kicked him again while i was trying to leave the coop. As soon as I turn to leave he comes at me.

So looks like he will be getting some sollitary confinement in chicken prison or he will be taking a trip to dinnertown!


Abbie said...

OMG Funny, but I know it shouldn't be. Just when you thought you had nothing interesting to blog about, Bart gave you a story. You need to explain to him that is presents is not required for egg production. Perhaps he has seen what happens to some of his potential off spring, the ones with cracks, the ones that go to June??? It may all be too much for him to bear.
Oh he could just be a little cocky

Fuller said...

bart is a bastard!!!!

Angela said...

Sounds like he needs a firm talking to..Can you take an old clothes basket or a fishing net to capture him while you're working in there??