Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Freebie!

Mabe another inprompto trip to walmart today got some mroe tips on free items using coupons.

Turns out they hadnt priced the product the same as another walmart so no luck.

BUT the coupon fairy had visited the centerville walmart. ha ha someone had left coupons clipped and placed in various isles under products.

there were 2 $2 off coupons under the razors, and this product was only $1.97 so all I had to pay was sales tax!

SUBTOTAL -0.06 ha ha ha this couponing this had become kinda fun its a challenge!


Everyone on the farm got some watermellon today. I took the left over rinds from the watermellon FH and I shared and gave them to June and the chickens.

I dont think it was stinky enough for June she licked it then left it alone in a few days she will be carring it around like its gold!

The chickens were scared of it at first.

Finally one brave soul approached and liked it!

Soon they were all taking bites and talking and clucking up a storm.

Chicken Update/ New Chickens

FH's parents have given us thier chickens all 8 of them so that is in addition our rooster Bart and our 4 hens. Here are our new ladies!

We will be having eggs like crazy! More than we can ever eat. We have been giving them away to people we work with they seem to enjoy them.

These are our original chickens they have to be seperated.

They arent thrilled about being together in the small area they have started picking on each other again. ;(

Bart leading his pack of ladies

Garden update2

Opps... turns out you should pay attention to when your vegatables are scheduled to harvest.....we didnt and lost 99% of our radish crop.

Here is our survivor it was the only one the rest were all split and spoiled. Neither FH or I like radishes so we didnt try it. It currently sits on the countertop.
For our only survivor it was huge and smelled good lol

I think its a good thing that the rest of our garden had above ground crops!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Another shopping trip today to Walmart.

These razors...a 4pack each usually $2.88 I had 5 $3.00 off coupons. So I was paid to take each of these with me! Worth over $15 !!

FH and I have been putting a first aid kit together for the house. I got each of these for a little over 40 cents each

I have stared a little stock pile in our basement. Thanks to a label maker it looks quite fancy!!


So FH and I were in the garage this afternoon....... and heard the sounds of a cat fight...screaching, and screaming cats.

We walked outside to see this scary sight :(
Juan had blood runing from his left hind leg.... and June didnt look guilty.... but we dont know what happened. :(

As you can see June tried to sniff out the truth but no luck I hope our June Bug didnt do it YIKES!! :( :(

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My first money maker!

YAY FOR ME! Really getting the hang of couponing, today I had my first money maker. Where you coupon is for more than the product is worth so the store pays you to take the item.

Here is what I did. I got a coupon in the paper for $2 off any dial body wash or lotion. Since they didnt specify the size of the item I got the trial size which was .97

So for every bottle I purchaced I got dollar credit. So I had a $3 overage. So I treated myself to a new tank top that happened to be $3.88

I also got a few more INSANLY good deals today.
Benadryl anti inch for 29 cents! it was $2.29 below are what else I got.

and my recipt ha ha YAY!

Mini Doughnut REDO

This was my 2nd go at mini doughtnuts and these were way better!. Not as dry and the texture was better too!

Spiced them up with some green icing and red sprinkles

They even look great with out the frosting


Deer Flys ARE the devil!

Every year... grrrr! Was mowing on saturday and to bit in the face by a deer fly.... they like me.... mostly my face.
When I was little I got bit by one between the eyes and my whole face blew up! This time it was on the cheek so just one side of my face was swollen.

Here I am icing my face... did not help about 30min after this happen my eye was half swollen shut! at least it didnt last long!

Friday, June 17, 2011

What I am loving right now...

SO I have been thinking lately about the previous TTMT about the things we love are currently into.... SO i decied to do it again!

YUM Sweidish fish I mostly love them because they are all red.... red is the best flavor!

I you have HBO and havent watch game of thrones yet you are a fool.... yes I went there.... If yu dont have HBO it is work the extra $20+ dollars for this !!! I LOVE IT even FH loves it. We are both so obbessed its even better than true blood... WAY better .

My nook... a wonderful present from FH.. I just read Snowflower and the secret fan (very good)

My coupon binder... yes I am that geeky. It weights about a million pounds but its saves me money!

And of course I am loving my FH- the owner of my heat, my family, June, and all the rest of our critters

Love/Hate relationship with the kittens

THe kittens like to hide in my car.... GRRR this is awful... they will unfortunitly probably not make it if they continue this. I had to get two out the other morning and they were less than trilled and "spit" took it out on my hand!

On the other hand.... A bird hit FH's car and so he gave it to Trahsley... she took it to the kittens and spock grabbed it and took off. He might have to stay around looks like he will be our pest controll.

I am a Sucker for new beauty products!

I had to try crackle nail polish.... not thrilled but dont hate it either
I tried a little yellow with purple crackle....ehhh

I also got these colors I like them better than the purple.

I wish i would have waited till they were on sale... they were a little pricey opps

June is Limping.... AND I HATE IT!

Our June had to go to the vet... for awhile now when she runs she has had a bit of a limp ( have a great "lamometer".. I can lameness a mile away!) but the last week the limp has started to show up at the walk. grrrr! I hate that something is wrong so off to the vet!

The vets best guess was she she had calium build up in her joints from growing.... so we got some pills... and she takes them like a champ... I hope this fixes it...

However it seems to still be getting worse I think i will take her to another vet.

On the ride home I love this dog!

SHe took a long nap when we got home it wore her out!

"Please lets never go again!"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

and this is what resulted.... I AM A DORK!!

So look at the video i posted before this.... and you will see what I did. Yes I accidently stepped on a rake and the handle hit me on the melon.

This lovely red ark abover and below my eyebrow is the result.


THis is what I did this morning....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 Year Class Reunoin Part 1- The food

This saturday was my 10 year class reunion I have been working with a friend and blog buddy to plan our reunion. I have a few pictures I took durring I will post later but this blog is about the desserts. I volunteered along with another friend and blog buddy to make a few desserts for the reunion.

Well.... as usually i got a little carried away. I have so much fun making new things that I made WAY to many treats.

Chocolate Dipped PeanutButter Balls (this pics is from when I made them last november this time I used milk chocolate.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies... Had to bring the red and white since that was our school colors. Not pleased with the filling for these... needs a little work.

Mini and reuglar sized oreo filled cupcakes with vanillia frosting and crushed oreos on top.

I also made my first attempt at mini doughtnughts they turned out really cute but really dry.... bummer:( will have to try these again!

I also made funfetti cake balls but forgot to take a picture opps

Cool Basil

Spent the day in Des Moines doing a little shopping had some work done on my engagement ring so I had to pick it up as well.

I wanted something new for lunch so I tried Cool Basil on Urbandale. LOVED IT! They serve thai food and I loved everything I had!

Drunken Noodles with Pork... very good

Crispy Pork potstickers.....Tasty

And in stead of a fourtune cookie I got this little delight! Thai Fortune Roll. Texture of a fourtune cookie but tasted like coconut (which i normally dont like) sooo tasty wish they had given me a few more. I will deffinitly be going back.