Sunday, August 21, 2011

Berry Picking

Our grapes started turning purple last week so FH began the long process of picking grapes.

Here is what we got the first night..... we had a competition to see who could collect more.. pretty sure I won although it was close.

The 2nd night we had several visitors .... however they didnt help muchSpit and Spok both climbed up the vines and peeked out the leaves.

June and Boots came to watch ....

They were in the way most of the time and Juned NEEDED her tummy scratched.

ohh... June...

Here is our harvest from the 2nd day

This is what we ended up we choose to make some juice and jelly. We go 29 half pints of jelly!
and juice to make over 80 more all from the two buckets!

We had lots of help making Jelly FH's Neices A and L helped "squish" the cooked grapes

They did a great job with help from unkle FH

Here is FH about to squish the grapes
The grapes smelled wonderfull but looked similar to baby poo....

Here is FH's brother cooking down the raw grapes

Cleaning grapes I was helping with this but I got my bucket finished and I wanted to see how the rest of the process went.

We still have several grapes on the vine going to try to make some more soon.

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