Saturday, August 27, 2011

7 Links Challenge..

The Rules:
1. The blogger who is nominated ( me in this case) must publish 7 links from his/her blog; one for each of the categories below.
2. The blogger then nominates 5-7 more bloggers to take part, and so on and so on....

I was nominaed by Heidi so I will give this a go Rule # 2 will be the hard part so I will do what I can.....

The Most Beautiful Post
I dont know is this is the most beautiful post that I have posted but it makes me smile. I have slacked a little lately on giving love notes and I am dissapointed in myself but I intend on starting back up!
Most Popular Post
I was just learning to coupon and had just got paid to shop! I had also gotten some free items from couponing. I got almos 50 vies for this post but only 1 comment ha ha!

Most Controversial Post
I took some time to think about this one and came up empty handed. My blog is currently very light hearted.. (or i hope it is) and its just a way for me to document the events in my life and reconnect with old friends and new friends. SO.... I choose one of my favorite blogs posts ever.... Junes Bounty... June makes me laugh and is endless entertainment!
Most Helpful Post
I had trouble finding one for this ..... my blogs are more of a diary than educational or helpful. But I do feel this post was helpful in telling FH about the destroyed kitty litter ha ha!?

Post That Didnt Get the Attention It Deserved
The WORST dentist EVER post didnt get the attention it deserved ha ha.... I was in some serious pain and I got no love :( Not going to that dentist EVER again!
Post That I Am Proud Of
My first blog post EVER is the one I am the most proud of.... because it started the whole thing! I didnt know if I would stick with it but I am happy I did !!

As for rule #2 I dont have enough followers yet to tag and continue but If you are reading this give it a try... its a great chance to reflect on your blog :)

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