Thursday, April 28, 2011

June's Bounty

Today I mowed for the first time this season. Also our first time with June mowing.

I began by attempting to pick up all of her toys so I could safely mow. This cause June to be DISTRAUGHT!

SHe wanted to know what I was doing with her toys , where they gone for good?!?!?!?

Every toy I picked up and threw on the cement she promptly went and got and returned to the yard. Of course I thought this was hilarious (for awhile) so I let her do it for a bit.

Here is June posing .... or now that I think about it protecting her bounty.

She even has her foot planted on one toy . If you notice there are various parts of deer as well as a tiny branch attached to a huge root.

A closer look at her bounty... of course this isnt all of it there was still a baseball and a deer leg in the yard.

pacing nerviously......

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