Thursday, April 28, 2011


We did easter early this year and It was my first easter with FH's family. I had a great time filling eggs with candy and treats and FH had fun hiding them for the kids.

I made these cookies for the kids I repurposed the christmas wreaths in to nests added some jelly beans and peeps. Cute right?
And of course jello eggs. I cant tell you how much I love these things. something about putting jello int he shape of an egg changes its taste. ha ha. I made yellow blue red and purple.

Here is a pic of the kids with there eggs after the hunt. ( I added the Peeps because I am not sure thier parents want thier cute little faces on my blog.... just imagine big smiles)

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tabby said...

umm loving those! I might try those next year with my girls because they will be old enoug to apreciate it :) thanks for sharing!