Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crafty Mc Crafterson ... and Reuniting with old friends

This has been a month for reuniting with old friends and I have really enjoyed it! Last week was Craft night2 I had missed Craft Night1 a few months back and had been kicking myself about it. My good friend from highschool Heidi was the host and her AMAZINGLY beautiful home . Heidi invited several of her friends to join in a night of being Crafty McCraftersons!

I had two responsiblites for Craft Night 2 I brought a craft for eveyone to put together... a Mustache Mug and I finally got to make Cheesecake Filled Strawberries!!! More on both of those in a min....

This is a look at our first craft a great idea from Heidi. Scrabble letters glued on canvas for picture holders. Here is how mine turned out.

I LOVE IT I tried to hang it on our fridge but it fell several times.... FH kept asking why I was throwing our love on the floor ha ha so it now sits in the window sill a perfect place!

Here was the 2nd craft we did courtesy of one of Heidi's friends. We used a a blank canvas and applyed stickers to the un painted canvas. Then painted and removed the stickers. I will deffinitly be trying this one again cause I didnt like the colors I choose. (06-01-10) is the date FH and I met)

Here are the Cheescake Filled Strawberries that I made to share. I saw the reciepe on and and had to make them they were A-MAZ-ING!

Here is the set up for my craft I got the idea from a tutorial i saw online and it turned out super cute!

Here is the final he he....

While I was at Heidi's home I got the craft bug and decided to go home and make a few more! This one i stole the idea from Heidi's home.

I got FH to paint his hand and I painted mine ..... now to find a place to hang it.

This last one I saw on pinterest and had to make it it says " I have always known it was you" My walls will soon me covered in crafts Just call me Crafty McCrafterson!


Abbie said...

Wow such sweet and romantic crafts!! So glad you and Heidi got to spend time together and have fun!!

heididh33 said...

Cute!!! Love this post! And you! I cant wait to see you again soon! Your projects turned out super cute. And I love the picture you put in your 'frame.' I hung mine on the wall with 3m strips.

tabby said...

cute stuff! lOOKS like you girlies had a good time!:)