Sunday, August 21, 2011

Iowa State Fair Part 2.. CHickens and such

Lets just take a minute to look at these super cute chickens shall we?.... I LOVE the avenue of breeds at the Iowa State Fair its always full of interesting animals.

Here are some chickens that I really REALLY REALLY want to add to my coop
I love the feathered feet!

We used to have 2 of these they were soo neat! I would like to try to have some again soon.

lovin the white afro

TURKEN.... yes TURKEN not a cross between a turkey and a chicken although it does look like that.. they are also called a naked neck. I NEED ONE they are so ugly they are cute!

Another look at the Turken... he he I LOVE I!

This Percheron and filly are are owned by fh's parents Every year he brings one of this draft horses up for display.

Another look

I was set to meet a good friend at the society horse show in the new arena so we sat and watched the show for awhile.... Let me tell you.... watching society shows get me excited!! Watching the snoring saddlerbreds is like NOTHING else NOTHING!!

I got a nice surprise while watching Ms. Gayle Lampe was the judge of the show. Ms. Lampe was my instructor at William Woods University. She is a hell of a woman who I respect alot. She always had kinds things to say to me.

These she is on the left behind the fence.

I WANT ONE... anyone have thousands of dollars laying around ?

And the reason I went to the fair is that little guy there running towards the "little horse trailer" That is S I used to be his nanny when he was just 6-8 weeks old. It has been years since i saw him last he wasnt talking thats for sure. What a sweet and funny little man It was good to see him and his family who I have missed ALOT!

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