Thursday, August 11, 2011

June update...

Junes 4Week naughty streak has finally broke.... we are so far on a 3 day good streak YAY!!!!!!

Here is whats new with our Junie Pants.....
1. She has found the "poop" pond and she uses it to cool off FH says she just sits in it
2. She learned to drink from the pool.... there are muddy foot prints all up the side
3. Chasing the battery powered bike is fun now
4. Less deer parts are arriving in the yard
5. More dead fish are showing up....
7. Learning to shake
8. Kittens are fun to drag across the gravel.... yikes

a rare moment of peace with the kittens there is Chicken and Spit

June was not very lady like here so I Xed out her girly bits.
That in her paws is a dead bird .... she was showing off for the camera

Our finall picture also had to be Xed out she is quite the exhibitionist our June!!!


Abbie said...

hahahaha Good dog, Juneeeee!!!!!

tabby said...

lol lOVED THIS! very funny. We should get June and Daisy together sometime... it could be funny :)