Monday, August 29, 2011

Freezer Meals

Ohhh Pinterest I love you.... Thanks to Pinterest I gave freezer meals a go.... Yesterday I managed to cook 18 meals in just a couple hours. I got them all packaged up and in the freezer.

Here is what I made:
BBQ chicken burritos
Ham broccoli and cheese roll
Ranch cheese quesadilla
chicken parm wraps
Stuffing Bake
Teriyaki chicken
Ranch Parm chicken
sausage mac and cheese
chicken fried rice

I also plan on making a few more meals tomorrow.

It was alot of work and would have been nice to have help I am interested to see how well things freeze and how they taste!

1 comment:

heididh33 said...

Did you end up making more meals? You need to link to these recipes. Yum!