Monday, September 5, 2011

"I have Old Threshers Fever"

My labor day holiday weekend... did not exsist.. booo:( I worked saturday and then worked monday as well... ICK!! But sunday I did get the day off and FH and I spent the day with his brother and sister inlaw in Mount Pleasant.

Every year I guess they have an Old Threshers Reunion. A gathering of tractors and steam engines gas engines and all things related..... Can you contain your excitement?

It actually turned out to be a good time... minus the loud noises and my lack of sungalsses which caused an AWFUL headache ugh. I took a few pictures to document the day below is the entrance if you look ther is a woman dressed in period costume.. fun!

The 4 of us walked through all the exhibits. Here is W and E looking in the window.... They were sweet holding hands while walking... had to give FH a hard time about that...

W and FH watching the HUGE generator going....

Next we watched sorghum being pressed with a steam engine. It was neat to watch.

I love these old posted that were part of an exhibit I need to maybe find some of these...

When we got home FH and W set out on a mission to find part to restore thier own gas engine. I checked on them in the garage and they informed me they had "old threshers fever" ha ha

So I guess at some point this rusty thing with be a gas engine?!?!?!?

we shall see......

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tabby said...

Sometimes I want to be in your shoes! You always have an adventure ahead of you.
My labor day weekend didnt exist either... I had to work as well.

I am thinking that we should plan a girls weekend sometime this fall or after Christmas. I need girlfriends too even if they are long distance :)