Saturday, September 17, 2011

Junes world has been turned upside down this weekned.....

On Wednesday June traveled across the road to visit the new cows.... The new cows are wild and we got specific instructions to keep her away so they didnt go through the fence.

She got caught by FH and his brother cornering some calves in the corner... uh oh! She just wanted to play!

As a result FH went on a mission to keep her from going across the we got an in ground invisible fence.

This is the result...

June got zapped.... and she is confused so she just runs to the house or barn and sits... poor girl :(
I hate it but I know its safer so she doesnt get lost or hit by a car.

She was a little better today she doesnt know where she can go I hope she figures it out soon so we get our naughty, spunky, silly dog back!

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