Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crafty McCrafterson is engaged to Huh Mc Idontgetit..

So I am still on my crafty kick thanks to craft night and pinterest. I have finally been given the ok to decorate from FH who is obsessibly protective of his boring hospial white walls.

However there is a catche....I only get one room to decorate to see if he trust that i wont make it look bad..... SERIOUSLY? UGH

I do have a plan to turn that into at least 2 rooms then I will take over the whole house...... and then the world...he he

So I am starting with the kitchen I lots of ideas pretty excited I have projects planned Here is the first...

Simple but cute....I used a trick from pinterest to distress the letters.

FH is NOT diggin it.... he asked what it was... why I put it there... why is says eat...

So its not looking good for my plan to take over the house.. but I wont be giving up yet..stay tuned it will get interesting and most likely HILARIOUS!!!!

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