Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hair and a bit of wedding

Visited my mom and Bailey yesterday at Shear Madness, was feeling the need to dye my hair. Went from blonde to a dark red. Dramatic but I like it.

We also took the opportunity to play with my hair a little to see what the wedding accessorries might look like so i could return the ones we didnt like. I discovered whil dress shopping I am not a veil kinda girl, so i started shopping around for some other options.

winner from the back
Winner winner chicken dinner. This was everyones fav. I cut my face off so there a little surprise on how it would look.

This was another one we really liked but I think my MOH will wear it. Now to sell the rejected ones...


heididh33 said...

yup. it's adorable.

Fuller said...

like it! and the new color looks great!!!