Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chicken Update...I got my first egg i think....

Well my chickens are alive and going strong we did have a short period of agression and resulting hatred. The cyborg hens and rooster ganged up on little Kiwi and pulled out all her butt feathers. It was tramatic she she doesnt walk right and Mark and I hade to seperate her or they would have killed her. :( So now Kiwi lives alone in her own Chicken Ghetto.

Kiwi In her Ghetto

All of them have grown expecially Bart the rooster he is much bigger and his cob and waddly things are big. He has quite the personality ALWAYS looking at my hands to see if i have brought him something. Still no crowing which makes Mark sad I think but I am relishing it because I know we wont be able to stop him once he starts.

Bart and his Harem

And not the egg..... Mark's dad had asked if would be upset if he played a joke on me sometime. He was planning on putting an egg in the coop as a joke because neither or our chickens have lived up to the "laying by the end of october" promise of the Amish lady. So Monday I may have found my first egg. Mark's parents left Monday for a long trip so I havent had the chance to ask if it was a joke or not.

The egg in question
No omelettes yet somebody..... not naming names..........(BART) pecked a hole in it I guess I need to check twice a day now.

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