Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cookin with Pinterest!

Its been awhile since I have taken the time to Blog.. but I am tried to keep taking pictures so I can share what I have been up to.....

With the holiday I have been making lots of treats for Christmas parties, gifts, and for FH and I to share, and they have all been ideas I got from Pinterest.

This santa hat white chocolate mix earned me the nick name Marth at work..... I guess everyone liked it.. it was super easy I even got FH to help.

German Pancake.. or puffy pancake.... YUM sooo easy looks really neat and tastes great!

Ok bear with me here... Brussel Sprouts.... I know.. I know our parents and teacher made us eat them and they were bitter and gross... but not anymore....this recipe was sooooooooooo good! I didnt even want the other things i had cooked for dinner... i ate the left overs.... and cooked it again a week later... take my word on this YUM!
Doughnuts made from canned biscuts i used a star cookie cutter to make them more fun...

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