Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Things I am loving right now...

1. The Hunger Games Series!
I havent loved a book so much .... in maybe forever... It occupied my mind the whole time I was reading it... and still does once and awhle I cant wait for the movie!.

2. Giant Gummy Bears!
FH for me some for my stocking... they are 4 or 5 inches tall...

3. Pinterest
Seriously....so many fun ideas

4. Revenge Tv show in ABC
WOW its bitchy... and drama filled... but I LOVE IT!

5. FH
I am truly blessed to have him I cant wait to be his wife!

1 comment:

tabby said...

Agh I love Revenge! It's so good!
I have heard a lot about that book series I may have to read it!
Glad to see your post! Your tree was beautiful! And love your favorites list. Happy new year friend , many blessings will come your way this year!