Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gifts for the new family

for gifts this year for FH's family I made a variety of baked goods (you can read about most of them below) I got the great boxes from Micheals to put them in, and I got all creative.

I used holiday cupcake papers to put the chirstmas nipples and turtles in, the only thing is i made more cookies than I really had room for in the box.

I made Gingerbread snowflakes
Stained glass cookies
Christmas Nipples
Candy cane cookies
Chocolate covered peanutbutter fillled pretzels
Corn flake wreaths

This is what the boxes looked like filled

Not alot of room left. FH and I didnt want to eat any left overs so I tried to fit as many in as I could.

THis is what the boes looked like all packaged up so pretty!

I added this ribbon I found at Dollar General that said "cookies for santa" and tied the ornament I made to the package.

I had to make a few extra boxes incase someone else came to the party that we werent counting on, and thank goodness I did to I need both of them just enough for everyone!


Abbie said...

Wow Jill those looked just perfect!! You are seriously skilled, daughter!!! Look like they came from a gourmet shop.If they tasted half as good as they looked, I'd say you made big points with the in-laws!! Good job!!

heididh33 said...

Ummmm I feel really bad that you and your FH would have to deal with leftovers. I suppooose I could help you out and take some. I'm a good friend like that. ;)