Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ya i am a 7 year old in a 28 year old's body....

so a few months ago i saw a video of this... its called popin cookin... its a product from Japan its candy that you make from water and powder that when you are finished looks just like sushi... yes its silly... i dont care i thought it was cute.

so when I was ordering a few other things from jbox/jlist i added this to my order... he he

how cute is the box ha ha

ok so on the far right is the "rice" its a white fluffy grape smelling stuf that i made with water and powder...

the yellow and red are a jello consistancy also made from powder and water.

Here are the "rice" formed into squares

ok this is were it gets wierd.... the top left is water and powder that... you drop the bottom left liquid into. and it forms "roe" or little jellie balls.

its the neatest process very wierd

add on top of the candy rice and seaweed seaweed was made from a laffy taffy type stuff.


so time to try these.... GROSS.... eww ewww ewww ha ha sushi is good this was NASTY ha ha smelled like grape tasted like butt.... ha ha fun to make not to eat!

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