Tuesday, July 19, 2011

bento/ cute food obsession....

So even though I am not yet a mommy.... I am determined to someday be a very wonderfull mommy...... and I have started a collection that I think will help me get there...

I have been looking at ood blogs and there are always cute foods for kids posted. So I ordered a few items from Japan... to try it out

Who doesnt want to turn thier sandwich into a firetruck and drive it around your plate..i know i want to

Ok this is cute it stamps words into your cheese or fruit.... ha haYES!

Picture opening your lunch box and your hardboiled egg has a cute nori smiling face on it! ha ha this stamps eyes and mouth out of nori or thin materials

HOT DOG CRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am making FH try this one hotdog.. turned into a CRAB!!!!!! ha ha ha i love it!

Food pics look close there are umbrella handles... and leaves so cute!

Yes I am silly..... but I think they are cute I know i would want them used for my lunch everyday lets you know someone is thinkin of you:)

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tabby said...

I am so behind!
I love how domestic you are... I definitely need to take some lessons from you!
I will be in Iowa next weekend july 30-Aug 1 (heidi is taking the girls pics)
I think I may try the farmers market on Saturday... we'll see how the girls do. Anyway... let me know if you want to do lunch or something :)
we didn't get to chat much at the reunion.