Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to the craziness Boots...

We have a new cat... with boy parts... ha ha.... He showed up at the house yesterday crying and talking looking very skinny. He is very friendly... infact too friendly very needy.

Seems to get alone well with every one...

Especially June.. They have a love/hate relationship.

I asked FH's Neices to name the new cat for us. So This is Boots.

Boots follows June around... June tries to chew on Boots.....Boots attacks JuneThey are quite the odd couple

THey are so much fun to watch... i kinda hope that Boots sticks around just to entertain June

1 comment:

heididh33 said...

They picked a good name. :) And I just saw your patriotic pie. I need you to move in with me. Pleeeeease. :)