Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I need new shoes thats how this all started... New shoes for work.

So I figured I would make a stop at Target and Walmart and Walgreens and do some shopping.

I did some research before I went Here is my list of that I was getting and what coupons to use. and the baggies are each labeled with store names and have the coupons for each stores.
I was super organized and it payed off!

I made severel Walgreens trip went to 3 different stores to get everything i needed I saved.

Here is my Walmart trip before coupons

After coupons YAY saved over $27.00!!!!

Here was my Target savings YAY!!!

Here is my haul

All these items were 100% FREE!!!!!!

Each of these items individually were under a $1 some as low as $0.22

I did get un getting shoes too.... and I even got a deal on those too

Smooth talking the sales guy saved my $25 on my shoes

I saved over $90 today LOVE IT I am ADDICTED!!

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