Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas 80% done

I have never been so prepared for chirstmas, and so early this year too. Friday I got all my christmas cards done thaks to Mark's sister inlaw who gave me all the address for his side.

Got a decent deal on cards from TJMAXX ( totally addicted to this place)

There they are and only one messup ha ha I did good.
I also almost got my orniments done 10 snowmen. They all still need carrot noses and some need a few more buttons.
My mess

Two almost finished orniments

They look so cute and very easy to make not as cheap as I thought they would be though I also did a few wreaths but havent gotten pictures taken yet


heididh33 said...

LOVE the JOY sign! Cute!!

tabby said...

Cute Christmas stuff!

Found the doll so you don't have to look for me. Thanks fo rthe offer though! much appreciated!