Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New chickens and coop additions

I convinced Mark to go to a small animal auction with me in osceola this was our 2nd attempt at going to a small animal auction the first was in Chariton and had 7 animals it was sad.

The Osceola auction was filled with critters and there were many many chickens. I bid on several but ended up with 2 young Silkie Hens.

Here she is they both looked just like this one soo cute and they talked all the way home.

I read online that you leave the new chicks in a cage in with the older chickens and they will accept each other.

This is what the cyborgs thought of the new guys

There is Bart the Rooster he didnt really like them pecked through the cage at them. Here they are all looking at me to give them some grapes.

Everything was going well for a week chickens were getting along and then we found one of the little ones had passed away. :(

SO my wonderful fiance built a wall in my coop to seperate the new chickens from the old ones He did such a great job . He also added some plug ins and lights. It is quite the chicken palace now.

It took some convincing to get the new chickens to move to thier area but they seem to like it

Awww Hawk in the Ghetto

Bart and the girls

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