Friday, November 5, 2010

Kittens Day Out

About 5 weeks ago Mark walked outside our house to find 5 baby kittens. SO CUTE Our Ashley ( mark named her) or Trashley as I like to talk her had her 2nd litter. We still have Juan, Tigner, and Chicken from her last litter.

A few days later Mark found that one didnt make it, the worst part of life as a farm wife ( her have had three passings since I got here never gets easier)
Here is Juan Chicken and Pumkin ( again Mark named Pumkin)

Today was Kittens say out i got them all out of the whelping box so they cute play out side get some excercise and get used to the other cats.
These 4 little guys and girls were soo funny they are so clumsy and random. Each got hissed at by an older cat and ran head first in to the garage door so I think the outing was a success.

Playing with the food bowl

And my shoe lace....

The bowl again


So playful

Army crawl about the attack columbus

My shoe again

Bonding with Juan over left overs even started growling about the food so cute

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