Wednesday, November 3, 2010

World Food Festival 2010

For the second year in a row Mom and I went to the World Food Festival in Des Moines. If you havent been there yet it is worth the trip! Live music, cooking deomonstrations and of course the food. There are several tents, each serving foods from different countries.

Here was some SPAM sushi from the Hawaiian tent- rice cooked SPAM and seaweed...YUM YUM it was really good!

This was ethiopain or brazilian I think it was a tortilla filled with beans and cheese and topped with salsa and a really tasty slaw.

We didnt try the Krispy Creme cheese buger that was a little much for mom and I

Mom and I finished with this Nutella and banna filled crepe it was really good but this was about all we ate of it we were full after all the other goodies.

We will deffinitly be going back next year

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