Saturday, November 13, 2010

Make up of the day

Two Faced Cosmetics silver, and green

another look this angle makes my eye lashes look loooooong


tabby said...

how fun! And you have always had long lashes..or atleast that is what I remember. :

I won't make you look for a CPK but if you do see one and don't mind picking it up that would be awesome, I would pay shipping and everything :) ... they are only $12 but Ebay is selling them for $30! and I can't/wont pay that :)

jill said...

Ya it will give me an excuse to go to target ha ha I dont mind looking hope I can help I would want to pay that much either.

heididh33 said...

Your make up is always cute! I need you to do mine!!!! :)

Jill said...

THanks I really like playing with it and getting better. Its gotten a little out of hand i have too mch makeup now I would love to do yours sometime it would be fun!